Twenty Two Things to Do while Horse Riding in Mongolia

A horseback trek in Mongolia offers great experiences – exploring the great wilderness and cultural landscapes of Mongolia, of riding horses of amazing stamina and endearing character, and immersing yourself with a culture you wanted to learn about first hand. Reflecting on our expeditions of the last seasons, I came up with at least twenty two things to do while horse riding in Mongolia. They may not all happen on one horse trek, but many of them are a feature of each riding expedition in the great parks we travel in.

While these are the primary experiences of your horseback adventure, there is quite a spectrum of other experiences you can make during a horse riding expeditions – learning new skills, pursuing your interests and of course just relaxing and enjoying the ride and company.

Sorting through this season’s images and video taken on our horseback expeditions in Mongolia’s Gorkhi Terelj National Park and the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, I selected images on the twenty two things to do while horse riding in Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditions. Enjoy the slide show and see what experiences would be the most important ones for you.

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