Equipment List

Equipment List for Horseback Travel in Mongolia

Suggested Clothing and Personal Items for Your Riding Tour in Mongolia

The items below are suggested for our back country riding expeditions in Mongolia.

Most days in Mongolia during the riding season are sunny with pleasant daytime temperatures and somewhat cooler evenings, especially in the higher elevations where we travel.

Final packing for the horse trek in Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditoins & TravelHowever, riding in the mountains of Mongolia can turn wet and cold for short periods at anytime during the riding season between May and October so it’s best to be prepared. It can also be very hot, especially for the months of June, July and August, but turn chilly in just a few hours if a cold front moves down from Siberia. Mongolia is a place where you can experience all 4 seasons in one day. Generally inclement weather only lasts a short while during this time of year.

Because we travel by horseback and carry everything expedition style with packhorses, we try to keep things lightweight. This is to cut down on bulk and to keep the weights lighter for the packhorses. Two 20 lt. waterproof gear bags will be provided to each rider, one for the sleeping bag and one for personal clothing. Each rider will also have saddlebags to carry personal clothing and items with them during the day.

On both expeditions (10 and 14 days) there will be opportunity along the way to wash and dry clothing, weather permitting.

Guests who have experience with backcountry multi-day horse riding may have their own preferred clothing and personal items and are encouraged to use what they are comfortable with.

If you have any questions about any of the recommended clothing and expedition items below please contact us either by email or phone and we can discuss these with you or make further recommendations to make your horse riding journey more comfortable and safe.

Our Recommendations for Horseback Travel in Mongolia:

• Sun hat (either a wide brimmed hat or baseball type cap)
• Lightweight warm hat/beanie (for colder nights and mornings around camp)
• Lightweight gloves (wool or polypro)
• Leather gloves for riding (lightweight work or gardening gloves also work well)
• Lightweight polypro thermal tops/bottoms (autumn trips)
• Polypro sweater or jacket (for cooler nights)
• Light down jacket/sweater with stuff sack (for September/October trips)
• Wind/rain proof tops/bottoms (a MUST have item)**
• Comfortable loose or stretch pants for riding
• Comfortable loose shirt (with pockets) for riding
• Lightweight pants for around camp
• Extra shirt for around camp
• Comfortable riding boots or lightweight hiking boots
• 3 pair wool or polypro socks
• Leather or synthetic half chaps (if you have your own)
• Lightweight walking shoes or sandals for around camp
• Riding helmet (if you like your own)
• Bandana or neck gaiter (good for extra sun protection)
• Camera with extra batteries and card
• Personal first aid kit and medications
• Insect repellent (for June/July/August trips)
• Chafing cream or powder (found in bicycle shops)
• Sun block
• Basic Personal toiletries
• Small camp/sports towel
• Sunglasses
• Small binoculars (optional)
• Small torch/flashlight or headlamp