2024 Mongolia Horse Trekking Tours with Stone Horse Expedition

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2024 Mongolia Horse Trekking Tours

2024 Mongolia Horse Trekking Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions offer again our popular 10 day horse treks in Gorkhi Terelj National Park, our 14 day horseback explorations of the Khentii Wilderness in August, and the 12 day Autumn Colors of the Khentii Rides in September.

Our horse riding season of scheduled treks begins in mid – June and runs through October. In the first half of June we may be able to accommodate shorter treks of 3-5 days for groups. In May, we also usually start day rides for groups of riders.

For October, we are introducing “Autumn Riding Camp” from October 6 – 15. Your opportunity to enjoy autumn riding, with heated gers as a base, and camped among the local herder community. Combine the best riding with an authentic experience living amongst nomadic families in their autumn campsites.

Mongolia Stone Horse Expeditions 2024 Schedule

Stone Horse Expeditions in 2024 include:

Plan your 2024 travel to Mongolia early!

While Mongolia has a new airport with larger capacity, flights are still limited while interest in Mongolia as a destination for adventure, nature and cultural travel is growing and being actively promoted by the private sector and government! And Lonely Planet has ranked Mongolia as the # 1 travel destination for 2024, further fueling demand for Mongolia adventures.

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Gorkhi Terelj National Park Horseback Expeditions

10 Day Summer Horse Riding Expeditions (June, July, August) 

Our classic treks in the grasslands and high country of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Eight days of riding great Mongolian horses, seven nights at scenic campsites. Learn more…

15 – 24 June, 2024

1 – 10 July, 2024, with Naadam Special

16 – 25 July, 2024

19 – 28 August, 2024

“Autumn Colors of the Khentii”  September Riding

We make the best of the beautiful autumn weather. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting crispy. We move less than during summer treks, and instead make base camps from where to explore the park on day rides. Heated group tents await us after riding for pre-dinner snacks. Learn more…

Its during September that the colors turn, at the end of the month the larch forests make the landscape glow in golden colors. Nomadic herders are beginning winter preparations at their winter camp sites.

The dates of these autumn treks are:

September 3 – 14

September 19 – 30

10 Day Autumn Riding Camp in early October

Riding guests loved our first Autumn Riding Camp in early October 2023. It combines horseback riding in Gorkhi Terelj National Park with the very authentic experience of staying in the autumn camp site of our local horseman. Guests sleep in heated gers, another ger is available for meals and as a cozy place when not riding. A heated shower tent for hot showers is available on request.

Our Autumn Riding Camp’s location is perfect for a variety of day rides, onto the high ridges, into picturesque rock formations, along open valleys for faster riding and through forests to high points with sweeping views of the autumn landscape.

This is amongst herder families who tend to their daily tasks in livestock husbandry – milking cows, herding horses, looking after sheep and goats. You can join and try your hand in herders’ tasks.

Our Autumn Riding Camp was liked also by locals, who will welcome a social gathering with their autumn nomad neighbors and visitors alike. Inquire about our options for Autumn Riding Camp. Join the whole journey, or come into camp for day riding. Learn more…

Autumn Riding Camp takes place from October 6 – 15, 2024

8 Day October Horse Trek

This 6-day riding adventure concludes our trekking season as we venture into the park one last time. However, it’s probably the busiest time now as herders are settling into winter camp. Our trek travels past herder’s campsites and numerous herds of horses, yak, cattle, sheep and goats. Our camps are set up to keep you comfortable, if needed including heated gers or tents for sleeping. Learn more…

Horse Trek Dates: October 22 – 29

Khentii Mountains Wilderness Expeditions

14 Day Wilderness Conservation Adventure

Our award winning Wilderness Conservation Adventure, is a horseback expedition that travels through Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and into the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Not just a ride, but an expedition with a special purpose, when we partner with park authorities, researchers or conservation initiatives to actively contribute to wilderness conservation. Learn more…

31 July – 13 August, 2024

Short Treks and One Day Trail Rides

The weather determines when our day ride season starts. First day rides may be possible in March/April If temperatures are mild and the ground allows for safe travel. May is more likely the time for starting day rides – and short overnight treks later in the month.

Our day rides explore the mountains around our staging area, in the Green Zone of Ulaanbaatar city, or go over one of the passes into the Terelj valley, entering Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Minimum is two riders. Our day rides include pick-up and drop-off at your residence in Ulaanbaatar city

Our longer, scheduled treks start in mid-June, mostly for our horses’ sake as it takes until that time usually for green grass to grow to provide good feed for our herd on the trail. However, we can organize shorter custom treks (two days/one night, three days/two nights, four days/three nights) in the later part of May and early June. These short treks explore the upper Terelj and Elephant River areas. Contact us to discuss your time-frame and number of people in your group.

Day rides and short treks are great opportunities to escape the city and take a break from work, or to see the country side during a short visit to Mongolia. You will be surprised how fast you can access on horseback wild and pristine places, and habitat of diverse wildlife including wolves, bear, red deer, roe deer and more. Learn more…

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