Our Horse Riding Expeditions in Mongolia

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Chingiis Khan roamed these mountain areas as the boy Temujiin. The Khentii Mountains are the backdrop of our horse riding expeditions in Mongolia. They hold the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the Khan Khentii Special Protected Area. It is a mystical place in history, this, the largest of Mongolia’s wilderness. We escape the modern world, and by horseback are greeted to breathtaking scenery with each new day. Make this your destination to nature, your destination to rediscover yourself.

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Expeditions

Ride in Scenic Landscapes shaped by Nomadic Traditions

Gorkhi Terelj National Park is great country for horseback riding and exploring – wide open valleys and rolling hills, trails along rivers, over forested passes, down through high grasses to discover another valley. Explore the hills and grasslands, rest below rock formations arising from the steppe. Experience true hospitality and the ambiance of a Mongolian Ger (more known as Yurt in the West). Live the local culture, and be at ease with your horse – be at ease with nature.


Khentii Mountains Expeditions

Journey into the Heart of the Taiga Forest

Challenge your spirit of adventure. Enter the Khan Khentii, steeped in the spiritual history of Mongolia. Its wildness will reward you with magnificent scenery, and the solitude of the Northern forest. Follow ancient horse trails to the sources of the rivers. Encounter wildlife. Make a high mountain passage with our pack horses. Stop at alpine lakes. Enjoy camping comforts in the wild. Bond with your horse – and listen to the silence.


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Your Riding Experience with Stone Horse Expeditions

Your riding experience begins with a good horse, your trusted travel companion as we move across the landscape. Our expert staff and trip leaders guide you through magical scenery, across rivers, mountain passes and down flower filled valley’s, where our comfortable camp awaits at days end. Tomorrow, another day of discovery as you fall asleep under a star filled sky.

expeditions on horseback in Mongolia. Stone Horse Expeditions

Experienced Trail Horses

Our horses are experienced expedition saddle and pack horses, all from our own herd.  We pay attention and ensure you will ride in confidence and comfort.

  • We match your trail horse to your riding level
  • The horse you ride is cared for year-round, with veterinary checks and winter feeding

Comfortable Saddles

Our saddles are high quality, purpose build saddles from our own saddlery, designed for comfort and safety of horse and rider

Small Groups

On your riding adventure with Stone Horse, you travel in small groups. Ride in an atmosphere of mutual support and fun. Enjoy good company and conversation at the dinner table. Leave with lasting friendships forged.

  • Small group travel, maximum 6 guests
  • All riding levels

Leave only Hoof Prints

We have worked for many years with the park authorities and communities adjacent to the parks we visit, and we adhere to a high standard of eco-friendly back country travel.

Camping, Food and Drink

Attention to detail is foremost on our minds when we prepare meals, plan and set-up camp, provide your camping gear and ensure safety of drinking water.

  • Scenic camp sites, quality equipment
  • Camp cuisine, international and local, to your individual needs. Safe drinking water.

Expedition Leaders on Stone Horse Riding Expeditions in Mongolia

We have worked in conservation and wilderness travel throughout our careers. We lead our own expeditions – because we love doing it.

  • 35+ years experience in wilderness travel. Committed to conservation and community
  • Member “Travelers against Plastic”. Winner “Global Energy Award, Mongolia, 2017”

An Adventure of a Life Time – “I loved every minute, the horses were lovely and very responsive, the countryside was wild and beautiful, the saddles comfortable and the food that was produced out of a tiny tent was indeed amazing (including freshly ground coffee every morning and wine at night). Everything was well organized but at the same time very relaxed.”    Trish Durlacher, Sydney, Australia.

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