A bronze aged sculpture in the Mongolian Gobi
Young riders on their winning horses after the race
Petroglyphs at Bichigt Khad in the Mongolian Gobi
Meditation Retreat, Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park
Bactrian Camel. Gobi Desert. Mongolia. Stone Horse Expeditions
Baynzag Dec 2014
Buddhist statue in the Gobi
DSC_1288 (91)
ancient burial site, Gobi desert, Mongolia
Camel in the Gobi Desert
Camel Riding in Mongolia’s Gobi desert
Mongolian gazelle in the winter landscape of the Gobi desert, Mongolia
Desert landscape, rock formations, Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Camel mother and baby before the back drop of the Eastern Beuaty Mountains, Gobi Desert Mongolia

Gobi Desert Tour


The dates of our Gobi Desert Tour are arranged so that this tour is between our horse treks.  The Gobi Desert Tour is becoming popular with our horse riding guests who chose to explore the Mongolian Gobi desert before or after their horse riding tour in Gorkhi Terelj National Park or the Khentii Mountains. Combining both tours makes for a great Mongolia experience seeing contrasting landscapes and much of the country’s ecological zones.


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