Wilderness Camping

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Wilderness Camping with Stone Horse Expeditions

Comforts In The Wild

Our camps are at scenic sites – where the horses can graze and guests can relax while our team members set up tents and kitchen, drinking and wash water, and begin dinner preparations. In selecting and using campsites, we are always mindful to minimize impacts on land and water, and not to interfere with local resources such as the hay fields that herders depend on for their winter preparation. And, as our tours are in parks designated for their cultural and natural values – the Gorkhi Terelj National Park and the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area – our expedition travel and camping practices are in line with those of responsible tourism and the park regulations.

Good food and drink, good rest, privacy when you want it, safe and sanitary conditions at all times– and a few little extras for the “Good Life” outdoors.


A station with safe and plenty of drinking water is a standard feature at our camps. We provide drinking water, either filtered or boiled for safety, and we provide stainless steel drinking water bottles to our guests – two one liter bottles, each color-coded so you have your individual drinking water for the expedition.

We are participants in the initiative “Travelers against Plastic” – TAP. Read more..

Drinking water is filtered. Riding guests carry their drinking water in their color-coded, stainless steel water bottles.


Washing and bathroom facilities are simple, natural, sanitary and private.

The Kitchen

Our camp kitchen is well equipped. We may take an extra pack horse for supplies, especially later in the season when kitchen and dining are in a heated tent. Our cuisine is “Wilderness Fusion” – sourced locally, seasoned internationally, camp “gourmet” cooking – under the circumstances. Dinners usually have several courses, and may have flavors of Italian, Asian, Mexican, or hearty Mongolian, cooking. There is always plenty. Vegetarian – no problem. Vegan – just let us know in advance. We enjoy food and drink, company and conversation around the dinner table. Wine – yes! We carry select wines for our guests, preserved and packed for horseback travel. “Life is too short to drink bad wine”..

Nyamaa in the Stone Horse camp kitchen.


We provide spacious sleeping tents: single, couple or for your own small group. You can pick your site. Your sleeping bag(s) are for the time of season and your ground well padded for a good night’s rest. As you fall asleep, you may hear the sounds of the camp kitchen closing down, and our wranglers checking the nightlines for the horses. You may be woken, though, by the howling of wolves in the distance…..and you may want to step out for a few moments to listen under a brilliant, unpolluted night sky. Back in your sleeping bag, the soothing sound of grazing horses nearby will soon bring you back to your dreams. Our team rises early to get the horses and breakfast ready, and to start your morning with the coffee call – signaling that freshly brewed “cowboy coffee” is ready!


With all the “camp comforts” we provide, remember – we still want to live the adventure and feel the wildness.

And everything we bring is carried by pack horses. Its thanks to them that we can set up a comfortable camp and serve food and drinks as we do!

Small Groups

Small Groups for a High-Quality Riding Holiday in Mongolia.We take only 6 guests per tour for a low-impact, high-quality adventure.

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Environmental Conduct

Learn more about Horse Trek Camping and Environmental Conduct while Camping in the Wilderness with Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel.

We strive to be an eco-friendly tour operator in Mongolia. Learn more about our policies and practices.

As a traveler, you can make many good choices to travel responsibly and be part of the solution. Read more..