Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn

Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn Guest Experience

Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn was a new experience for our riding guest Cez Krol. He and his wife Lydia rode with Stone Horse in October 2023. We are sharing his review here. It is a beautiful reflection of what a horse trekking adventure in Mongolia can do for your spirits, and your horse riding confidence!

Thank you Cez! We hope to see you and Lydia back in the saddle with Stone Horse Expeditions in Mongolia.

To aptly describe his great learning experience as a novice horse rider, Cez titled his review of horse trekking Mongolia in autumn “From Zero to Gallop in A Week”

Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn with Stone Horse Expeditions
Cez and Lydia on Day 2 of Autumn Riding Camp, October 2023

Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn – Connection to Nature

“Navigating Mongolia with Stone Horse Mongolia was an experience that has left an indelible impression on our spirits. As co-founders of travel blogs – Etramping and Lydiascapes – my wife Lydia and I are no strangers to incredible adventures. But this one stood out for its raw authenticity and unparalleled connection to nature.

Stone Horse’s vision is personified by Sabine and Keith, a captivating couple whose life stories would make for epic reads. From GreenPeace activities to adventurous escapades in Antarctica, their narratives are bound to leave you awe-struck. With over 25 years in Mongolia and having built Stone Horse Mongolia from the ground up in 2010, the duo ensures that each horseback riding expedition is nothing short of extraordinary.

The journey began at Sabine and Keith’s cabin, where we were equipped with all the necessary gear for our horseback expedition. The attention to detail was impressive, right from the metal bottles for hydration to the wilderness toilet kit for sustainable tourism.

The horse-riding was initially intimidating for us beginners. However, Stone Horse Mongolia’s herd of horses is robust and accustomed to varied riders. Their training and natural setting ensure that even a novice can find comfort and confidence on horseback. While the initial days had their set of challenges, by the fourth day, I embraced canter, and by the fifth, I even tried galloping. Lydia and Kai too had their moments of exhilaration and learning, but were much better at this than me and started to canter on their first day of horse riding in their life.”

Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn – Camping and Camaraderie

“Camping in the Mongolian wild is an experience unto itself. Despite the freezing nights, the camaraderie, the stories exchanged in the warmth of the dining tipi, and the delicious dinners made it all worth it. We shared laughs, insights, and tales with fellow travelers from Singapore and Hong Kong. The unanimous consensus? This wasn’t going to be our last trip with Stone Horse Mongolia. In fact, apart from our trio of newbies, everyone else on this trip was a repeat customer (between 4 and 11 times!).

The landscapes, from tall majestic stones to serene valleys, were visual treats. Kai’s exceptional photography skills captured these moments, making them timeless memories. Even the downtime, like my solo hike or Lydia and Kai’s exploration of the mountain ridge, had its charm, offering peace and a profound connection to nature.”


Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn – Cozy Comforts in Ger Accommodation

“Our accommodations in Gers, managed by Baskaa for Stone Horse Mongolia, added comfort to our rugged adventure. The food, the warm fires, and even a tented shower made our stay cozy and memorable. A special shoutout to Murphy, the pet goat, whose fluffiness was a constant source of joy.

In retrospect, this expedition with Stone Horse Mongolia isn’t just about horse riding. It’s a plunge into a different way of life, an immersion into Mongolian wilderness, and a tribute to the raw spirit of adventure that Sabine and Keith so beautifully uphold.”


Horse Trekking Mongolia in Autumn – Adventure, Authenticity and Hospitality

“For anyone contemplating a trip to Mongolia, Stone Horse Mongolia offers a blend of adventure, authenticity, and unparalleled hospitality. Just remember, while the riding part can be physically demanding, the experience and the stories you come back with are priceless. Dive deep, and embrace the adventure!

Tip for future travelers: If you’re a novice rider, it might be beneficial to watch some tutorials on horse riding before your trip. It provides a solid foundation and makes your riding experience smoother.”

Cez’s Review was also published as a Tripadvisor Review.