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Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonial, Stone Horse Expeditions
Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonials
Horse Riding Mongolia Guest Testimonials
Testiminials, Reviews, Horse Riding Guests, Mongolia
Gorkhi Terelj National Park Horse Riding, Mongolia
Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonials, Stone Horse Expeditions
Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonials, Stone Horse Expeditions
Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonials
Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonial, Stone Horse Expeditions

Testimonials from our Guests

Every season, the number of our returning guests has been growing. Hear guest stories, and read what they like about their riding experience with Stone Horse Expeditions.

Excellence in Riding in Mongolia, Tripadvisor, Stone Horse Expeditions

Mongolia Horse Riding Guest Testimonial, Stone Horse Expeditions “Amazing to have the opportunity to gallop over the vast space of the national park”

I recently went on the 10 day trip to Gorkhi-Tereji National Park with Stone Horse. It was a great experience.

Stone Horse owns their own horses and are familiar with their unique quirks so each rider was matched to a suitable mount. The ride went very smoothly and it was amazing to have the opportunity to gallop over the vast space of the national park. The horses are very sure footed and navigated all kinds of terrain (including all river crossings) with ease.

Would definitely come back again!

Jolyn Wu, Singapore

Testimonials, Riding Guests Mongolia, Stone Horse Expeditions“I couldn’t imagine better views”

Horses are super nice and alive! I couldn’t image better views than we had in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. We were three guests in total, and Stone Horse had five people in their hosting team during the trek, so we really got excellent service for the whole week. Food was really good, and we even got freshly stove-baked bread 🙂  

Mari Haavisto, Finland

“Once again exceeded all my expectations”

This is my second time booking with Stone Horse and this company once again exceeds all my expectations. They have an AMAZING and dedicated team, great equipment (saddles, tents, sleeping bags, you name it) and wonderful horses (each with their own charms and quirky traits). It is difficult to find another tour company that will match Stone Horse and this definitely will not be my last trip with them. Thanks for making this trip another adventure of a lifetime!

Joyce Goh, Singapore

“The best riding experience I’ve ever had”

I can definitely rank riding in Mongolia under the guidance of Sabine and Keith as the best riding experience I have ever had. Sabine and Keith orchestrate the ride and everything around it perfectly. The scenery is breathtaking and the ranges are endless. All the horses are well trained and extremely safe. I am sure that however choose to ride with stone horse will have an unforgettable excellent and amazing experience.

Yadin Yeshurun, Israel

“They care about the country including the land and natural resources, the people, and the animals”

I had really high expectations … and the trip met and exceeded all expectations within the first day. The sky is clear and vast. Running on the open green land was amazing… It made me so happy.
The people were amazing, organized and responsible sure, but also witty, interesting, and kind. They care about the country including the land and natural resources, the people, and the animals. The horses were well cared for and healthy, and seemed to like their jobs and enjoy their lives. They have spunk, are quick, sure footed, full of personality, and are funny. Go.

Maria Evola, USA

“The horses are lovely, good natured and well looked after”

This was a trip I will never forget, and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Stone Horse was absolutely fantastic and went beyond my expectations….

The horses are lovely, good natured and well looked after, and they really do enjoy themselves out on the trips! The countryside we travelled was just phenomenal. I felt really supported by Stone Horse through every step of my journey to and through Mongolia….

Whole heartedly recommend to anyone who wants to experience something really amazing and unique and loves being out in nature!!

Sophie Pages-Oliver, Australia

“An incredible trip that is worth a lifetime of memories and friendships”

I was not an experienced rider and I left feeling pretty confident on a horse. The comfort and friendliness of everyone was just wonderful. The group I ended up with was all women from different walks of life and we got along incredibly well.

This was an incredible trip that is worth a lifetime of memories and friendships. An exciting adventure, with great food and camping, beautiful scenery and just an overall extraordinary experience.

Denise Duong, USA

Review Horse Riding Mongolia, Riding Guest Testimonial, Stone Horse Expeditions“The Ultimate Horse Riding Experience”

Riding will never be the same anymore. Stone Horse Expeditions has set the bar way up to the top. No head to tail riding. Small groups. We were 5 participants, and there were 5 experienced guides with great personalities to take care of all our needs. In all 23 riding and pack horses on the treck giving a true expedition feeling. Days of riding in remote and stunning wilderness, rarely seeing anyone. The camping equipment is excellent as are the comfortable, tailor made saddles. All horses are well trained and sure footed. I’ve never had better camp food on a trail anywhere. The ultimate horse riding experience. Outstanding service from arrival to departure.

Gerhard Brand, Thailand/Germany

“Stone Horse horses are unbelievable! ”

I had pretty high expectations going into this trip and the trip exceeded all of them…. I had looked at a few companies before deciding to go with Stone Horse, and I’m so glad I did. …It’s a small company, the owners, Keith and Sabina are your guides along with a few amazing local ones. They own their horses and take great care of them. The bigger companies such as National Geographic contract out, so you don’t really know what you’re going to get. Stone Horse horses are unbelievable! They’re incredibly smart and very forgiving. They know the terrain and take care of you. ….We didn’t want the trip to end!

Liza Popov, USA

“Exactly what I wanted being a solo traveler”

I definitely made the right choice! Everything was very well organized right from the initial emails to the trip itself which is exactly what I wanted being a solo traveler. The equipment was excellent with the camping gear high quality and the saddles really comfy and practical for this sort of trip.

The scenery on the whole trip was stunning with lots of variation and the camps on each night were equally scenic and practical. The food was also excellent! …The horses were truly amazing with stone horse having a dedicated herd with a real mix to suit all abilities.

Alice Matthews, UK

“Unforgettable & overwhelming experience”

I had an unforgettable & overwhelming experience with very lovely & fun fellow horse riders in Mongolia. Sabine & Keith have been awesome with the organization, knowledge & insights. They made me feel very comfortable from day one & matched the horse exactly to my needs.
The whole team was always approachable during the trip in case of questions, concerns or small problems. The horses were taken very good care of and were also checked regularly.
Also there was a nice balance between being on the horse and free time to also relax a bit. …I can’t wait to come back to Mongolia for another trek latest next year – it was an unforgettable experience!

Christina Meier, Germany

No words can truly express how amazing this experience was

I have just completed the 8 day Gorkhi Terelj National Park horse riding expedition followed by the 6 day Gobi Desert Tour with a few days in Ulan Bator.

No words can truly express how amazing this experience was for me… The team were also excellent, endless energy, thoughtfulness, stories and general love for what they do, this really came across throughout the trip. The food was great, plentiful and tasty, the equipment of outstanding quality..

In terms of the Gobi section on the trip, the positives just keep on going. I was the only one on the trip, yet they still ran it. The Gobi team were fab, great knowledge and again couldn’t do enough for you.

Marie Stainwright, UK/New Zealand

DSCN5791“Best horse expedition on offer in Mongolia”

From the off, Stone Horse hospitality, efficiency and actual expeditions are head and shoulders above anything similar in Mongolia. The staff know what they are doing and are interesting and good fun. They have horses for all riding experience levels; all have a sense of humour. The equipment (including the amazingly comfortable and beautiful handmade saddles) are second to none and the food deserves a Michelin star in camping cuisine.

The Khentii mountains expedition is incredible and goes through scenery most will only ever see in National Geographic. It is truly wild and seeing no other faces except those that you are with, leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

I can’t stress how good this trip and to anybody reading this, GO! Its unlike anything else on offer and against awe-inspiring scenery, you will meet some great people and remarkable horses.

Sarah Crawley, UAE/UK

DSCN8917 - Copy“Amazing horses and good logistic”

I have joined riding tours before, and the experience with Stone Horse is far better. A few things:
A) the horses are very well trained. And the operators know the horses well. In additions, the horses get along with each other, this makes tons of different in the wild, as you don’t need to worry much about runaway horses or horses getting into fights while with riders on.

B) the operators do care about the environment, so we really take care of the trash and leave minimal damage to the environment there.

C) the service and logistics are good. As the tour is led by the owner, decision making is fast and changes or special requests will be accommodated in a reasonable manner.

I will go back again. Katherine L. Hong Kong

DSCN8252“Do it – you will not regret it”.

My boyfriend had only ridden a couple of times in his life and I have been competing horses since a child, but we both had a blast. The horses are very well looked after, better than at any other horse expedition I have ever come across. All equipment was professional and the highest quality. As I am vegetarian Mongolia can be a bit , but how Sabine catered for me (only vego of the group) was just amazing! This is an adventure of a lifetime! Do it – you will not regret it. Sitting back at work now dreaming of being back in the saddle in the Mongolian wilderness…

Anna K. , Australia

DSCN1184“Second Time with Stone Horse – Never a Disappointment!”

Ever dreamt of being free, wind in your hair, not a care in the world, running across wide open plains with the sun on your face? That’s how it feels to be riding with Stone Horse.

My friends and I recently went for the Gorkhi Terelj 10 Days Tour in late September. This is my second time riding with Stone Horse. This year I rode in a different season. Being autumn, golden larch trees cover the landscapes in the national park. No matter how many times you come back, the scenery that greets you in the Mongolian wilderness will definitely take your breath away. – Pamela Ho, Singapore

DSC_9124“Absolutey Fabulous”

My wife and I went on the 8 day Gorkhi Terelj trek to celebrate her 60th birthday. Definitely the best birthday party we have ever had. An amazing trip through an incredible country. The trip was very well organized from start to finish. On the trek the horses were total stars, the food wonderful, and the scenery breathtaking. – Greg Kary, Australia

DSCN1178“Third time in Mongolia with Stone Horse. Something tells me I will be going back again and again…”

My friends and I went on the ten day trip in September – that’s eight days riding. This is my third time in Mongolia riding with Stone Horse, and each trip just gets better and better. Autumn in Mongolia is absolutely beautiful – the golden larch leaves contrasting the long green grasses that the horses so love to eat.

Nothing quite compares to riding into the open steppes, wind in your hair and the sun (sometimes) on your back, golden eagles and falcons calling above your head, under a bright blue sky. I am sure I will return to this country again and again. – Yue Lin, Singapore

IMG_0061“Keith and Sabine were well versed and caring hosts with calm and friendly horses. I can recommend their trips for everyone who wants to explore this fascinating country close to nature and people.”

– Alexandra Burke, Germany

DSCN6243“Feel the True Spirit of Mongolia”.

Coursing across Gorkhi Terelj’s wild magnificence with skilled, highly knowledgeable guides, you’ll see places and vistas reachable only by horse or on foot, stunning larch forests, endless open plains and intensely blue skies. The forgiving horses accommodate riders of every experience level.

This is a once in a lifetime experience (although some in our group already had two other Stone Horse rides under their belts) and unforgettable. Finally, Stone Horse pays close attention to a pre-trip survey of food preferences in planning excellent, nutritious meals and even provides a handbook outlining what to expect, how to prepare, and a checklist of what to bring.  – Patricia Burke, Washington DC, USA

DSCN5114 - Copy“Gorkhi Terelj 10 Days – leaves you wanting more!”

First time riding in Mongolia with Stone Horse was an absolute blast! The trip was a unique opportunity to experience combine the love for riding and the great outdoors in one of the most well-kept (still) and breathtaking landscapes. Being a regular rider, I found the horses to be extremely robust with amiable temperaments. This allowed us to enjoy unfettered riding and soak up the scenery as we navigated through all kinds of terrain!

The trip was run with true professionalism. Our team of experienced guides were always alongside to ensure safety (not at the expense of fun of course!), on top of keeping both humans and horses on the trip warm and well-fed. We were provided with quality riding and camping equipment and were constantly impressed with the team’s knowledge and resourcefulness throughout the multi-day trek. – Yim Tong Low, Singapore

DSC_9018“Unforgettable autumn adventure!”

I truly cannot say enough good things about my recent trip with Stone Horse. From the minute I stepped off the plane (and even before that!), Stone Horse made sure that I was well taken care of with drivers, hotels, food, camping, and of course riding! The friendly and immensely helpful staff were second to none, and as a solo female traveler I never felt uncomfortable or alone.

In researching tour companies for this trip, it was important to me to find one that placed an emphasis on the safety and comfort on their horses, and I absolutely feel that Stone Horse shared this concern. The horses are obviously well-loved and well-cared for, and this is reflected in their gentle personalities and incredible strength and stamina. – Nicole Aducci, New York City, USA

DSC_8754“The Trip of a Lifetime”

I recently returned from the September 10 Day Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Expedition and loved every minute of it. It is truly the trip of a lifetime. From day one the trip was expertly planned.

The horses are sure-footed and confident. They handled all terrain with aplomb. They are extremely well behaved, well trained, and compatible as a herd, and eager to move. Some of the best I’ve ever seen. All are loved and cared for, and it shows. Their endurance is remarkable – they can trot for hours, even the packhorses. Did I say the food was remarkable? Hearty breakfasts, picnic lunches, and dinners with soup, salad, a main course and desserts. – Mary McBride, New York City, USA

DSCN6064“Amazing late season trek”

I went on the 8 day Gorkhi Terelj trek in October which was great. I’m not a very experienced rider but the horses were gentle, well behaved and easy to handle so I felt comfortable very quicky. The scenery is amazing too and at night we could hear wolves howling in the distance. – India Kalff, New Zealand

DSCN0115“One of a kind experience with a little something for everyone”

The trip was well organized, the food was delicious, the equipment and horses were in top shape and conversation around the dinner table was lively and informative. The sheer scenic beauty and expansiveness of the country alone would have made the trip more than worthwhile. But having Keith and Sabine there to share their love and extensive knowledge of the area’s history, customs, geography and ecology took the experience to a whole different level. Their unabashed passion for and lifelong dedication to helping preserve the wild places of the world makes them the perfect guides for a trip into just such a place. – Janet Stephenson, Austin, Texas, USA

DSC_7510“Best trip, Best guides”

I have just completed the August 12-day horse packing trip in Terelji National Park. You will never meet more interesting or professional guides than Sabine and Keith, You will be inspired by their knowledge of wilderness conservation, as well as history of the area. My travel companions on this trip were exceptional people who added to richness of the experience, The scenery and total experience is not to be missed. This trip is at the top of my most favorite travel adventures.. Do use the excellent packing list that is available on the website. – Rae Roberts, Washington DC. USA

IMG_0081“I rode with Keith and his team in the magnificent Mongolian spring time when the wildflowers were out in the mountains. The horses all had great character, were tough but very sensitive and responsive. The equipment we used was the best I have ever encountered in any horse riding operation with the western gear comfortable for the longer days and surprisingly suitable for the smaller horses. Keith and Sabina were superb guides and I really enjoyed meeting people as we rode past settlements and traditional pastures. The scenery was wonderful, varied and its beauty surprised me. All up… an unforgettable and memorable experience. I will be going back for a longer ride as soon as I return to Mongolia.”

– Andy Thomson, New Zealand

horse_trekking_in_mongolia_s_khan_khentii_wilderness_-_a_stone_horse_guest_recalls_the_ride_-_youtube“I highly, highly recommend Stone Horse Tours. There’s no other horse riding outfit like them in Mongolia. Stone Horse Tours takes you way, way off the standard routes offered by other tour companies. This exceptional steppe and wilderness trip was just what I was looking for.”

– Susan Antenen, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, New York State, US

DSCN2597Stone Horse caters for a range of riders from the complete novice to the accomplished horseman and its well-kept animals are carefully matched to a rider’s abilities. Keith and Sabine exude magnanimity and display a genuine love and respect for the country they now call home and I would thoroughly recommend travel with them for a rich and authentic way to experience Mongolia.”

– Amardeep Bassey, Journalist, Birmingham, UK

Martin“Stone Horse is a great company – the equipment provided to us was new or nearly new as far as I could tell and the horses were of the highest quality, steady, polite and very responsive when asked. We carried everything we needed on pack horses and this ensured we could access uninterrupted backcountry wilderness for the entire period. The quality of the food also needs to be mentioned as this was very good particularly since we were camping and it was also remarkably accommodating to individual requirements.”

– Martin Trumper, Singapore

DSC01672 - Copy - Copy“Beautiful scenery, gentle responsive horses, guides with tremendous knowledge…From the outset, it was clear that we were in amazing hands, and that we could enjoy the trip stress-free…I feel that it is impossible to compare this experience to other riding trips, as this is not a tourist outing, but it feels like Keith and Sabine (who go on EVERY trip) want to share the beauty of the country, riding, and the quiet of the national park…We had some fantastic adventures and left Mongolia wish to return to all the people and animals at Stone Horse again SOON! We miss the population density of rural Mongolia, blue sky, and air quality as well.” – Nancy Diehl, Hongkong

DSCN4171“Scenery throughout the trip was spectacular – vast stretches of rolling hills, beautiful larch trees, endless blue sky, and bright autumn colours. We were also fortunate to witness some amazing sunsets and star-filled nights. The best part, of course, was the riding. The horses were wonderful and extremely well cared for. Those peaceful days on ‘the roan’ taking in the amazing scenery will stay with me for a very long time. Thanks, Stone Horse, for a fantastic journey.”

– Johanna Lake, Toronto, Canada

DSC00456“Truly memorable experience! – We both had a great time! That we both enjoyed ourselves is notable since one of us was a complete novice (rode more on the first day than ever had before) while the other of us is an experienced rider. Sabine and Keith do a great job of matching horses with riders and allowing riders to ride at their own comfort level.…If you’re looking for an active vacation in a beautiful place that is a bit off the beaten path (and Eco-friendly) we highly recommend this trip.”

– Jim and Shari Shapleigh, Ithaca, New York, US

DSCN8630“We just got back from an 8-day horse riding trip with Stone Horse. What a great adventure and what a professional outfit Stone Horse is! Bravo. I’m sitting here missing the feel of riding through a meadow of wild flowers, cantering along with a herd of horses, watching the horses’ funny antics (they are really like happy little boys)…The western riding equipment that Stone Horse provided was top notch. This was
something we quite took for granted until we met a group from another reputable outfit and saw that they only had ropes for reins, bare-bones saddles and a sad metal bar suspended by ropes for each stirrup. Check out my pictures to see what we had instead. With 8 days of riding, you would want comfort and safety. All in all, thumbs up for Stone Horse!” – Wai Ying, Singapore

 Trip Advisor Testimonials Stone Horse

Horse Trekking in Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditions has been awarded tripadvisor’s prestigious Certificate of Excellence for seven consecutive years since 2013, based on the many ratings of our horse riding tours as “excellent” by our guests.

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