Horse Riding Vacation in Mongolia

Guest Riders Testimonial of Summer Horse Riding Vacation in Mongolia


What Riding Guests Appreciate – Stunning Scenery, Well Cared for Horses, Great Food, Scenic Campsites, Attention to Detail and Environmental Awareness

Horse Riding Vacation in Mongolia, Stone Horse ExpeditionsRiding Guests with Stone Horse Expeditions are concerned about the welfare of the horses they ride, and about the ecological footprint they leave. It is rewarding for us to hear accounts of satisfied guests who testify to the experience they had. Referring to the horses, both well behaved and well looked after, to the beautiful natural scenery they rode through and camped in, to the staff who looked after their individual needs and safety. And, last not least, to the environmental awareness that guides us when we plan and execute Stone Horse Expeditions.

Horse Trekking Season in Mongolia – Experience Summer Riding and the Naadam Festival

Our horse trekking season in Mongolia lasts from mid-June to mid-October, perfect timing for a summer horse riding vacation in Mongolia. The horseback expedition in early July offers some extra benefits. Its not only during the height of wildflower season, but also just before the Naadam Festival. This colorful three day event marks the establishment of the Mongolian state, and is celebrated with horse racing, archery and wrestling.

Your Mongolia Experience – Nomadic Travel and Staying in a Traditional Ger

The horseback expedition July 1 -10 is one of five similar tours per season. These adventures include eight days of riding in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. All but one of the nights are spent in tented camps. Along the scenic route lies a remote ger camp, far away from the crowds in a beautiful natural setting. The night here adds to the Mongolia experience. Guests stay in cozy gers, the traditional and ingenious felt dwellings developed for the nomadic lifestyle and adapted to the harsh climate – cool in summer, warm in winter.

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