Mongolia COVID-19 Information

Mongolia Covid-19 information provided here is based on government news and announcements in response to the pandemic.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 2023

There are no travel restrictions to enter Mongolia, or to travel within the country since Mongolia officially lifted restrictions on inbound/outbound travel June 1, 2021. There is no requirement for a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) for entry. There are no health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry, and there are no quarantine requirements.

Mongolia has a very high rate of vaccination of the population. As of 25th September 2022, the coverage of 1 st dose was 89.5% (2,282,358), 2 nd dose 85.6% (2,183,015) in the population. In Ulaanbaatar and 21 provinces, 1,055,714 and 138,568 people were vaccinated with the 3rd and 4th doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer. (Source: WHO). As in other countries, infections are occurring currently at a relatively low rate. As of January 7, 2023, 499 active cases were reported. It is advisable as a precaution to wear a mask when visiting crowded markets or other venues or events.

Should a traveler require a COVID-19 PCR test for onward travel or return to their home country, there are several clinics that perform the test. A number of private labs provide mobile testing service and will come to a hotel or other location; Stone Horse Expeditions will assist guests should this service be needed.

Rapid tests are readily available at many pharmacies. Stone Horse Expedition staff take rapid tests within 48 hours before leaving on a trip with guests.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 2022

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 15 February 2022


Yesterday, 14 February 2022, the Mongolian Government announced that the country is now open to all visitors, no quarantine required upon entry and effective immediately. As will probably become a normal travel feature, visitors will be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival, as well as a negative PCR test within 72 hours of landing. You can see the Montsame News Agency post about the announcement by clicking the link above.

Restrictions on movement around the country, shop, store and event openings are removed and people will be able to get back to business. Finally, after two years of closures we are accepting guests again for our horse riding expeditions and our Gobi desert trips and keen to welcome everyone for the 2022 season.

We will still adhere to our limited social distancing policy, use of masks and hand washing, but relaxed somewhat when out on the horse trips.


To help boost tourism to Mongolia, the government is allowing 25 countries, visa free travel upon entry. Mongolia has been shut for two years, which has take an enormous toll on the tourism sector, with many business closing, never to open again. Those still in operation are just hanging on, so this will definitely give a boost to prospective arrivals for 2022. This couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.

So, we at Stone Horse are looking forward to ramping up our operations and again enjoying the backcountry and open deserts with our guests. Can’t wait to see you all here.


Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 19 January 2022

Omicron is in Mongolia and surging, as it is now practically everywhere. The good news is that, like elsewhere, it is proving to be less severe health wise and short-live in duration of illness felt. The health authorities here believe it will peak around the first week of February. Being a low population, but mobile country, this is good news….sort of.

Given the above, travel into Mongolia is now open to everyone. Visitors must show proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival, and take another PCR test upon entry. This will probably be standard procedure for travel anywhere for the foreseeable future. Upon entry, arrivals will have to do a 3 day home or hotel quarantine, but can travel to their countryside destination if they have one.

Spring and Summer Travel for 2022 Season

According to various sources we’ve found, it looks like the spring and summer seasons for travel will be open. We are certainly making plans to have all our horse riding expeditions and gobi desert excursion going out all season long. We are now seeing an increase in trip inquiries for this season.

Air Flights into Mongolia

Aeroflot has resumed regular flights from Berlin/Moscow/Ulaanbaatar this past week. Other airlines will probably begin to resume some regular flights in and out of Mongolia in the near-term as well, as travel requests begin to pick up. You’ll want to alert your travel agent to let you know of flights opening up as soon as they hear.


Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 30 December 2021

As of today, 30 December, 2021, there will be a 3 day quarantine mandated for all incoming visitors to Mongolia. This has been put in place due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 across the world. Incoming visitors will have to self-quarantine in a designated hotel at their own expense.

The above was not unexpected, as we have been watching the spread of the variant increase rapidly. At this point, the Omicron variant is not found in Mongolia, but with its ability to spread, it could be only a matter of time.

Positive news is, that health officials around the world are stating the symptoms of Omicron are showing not to be as severe as previous variants and possibly short-lived. This could see the current wave of the virus spread rapidly but burn out much quicker. Still, anyone who is not vaccinated and or with underlying health conditions should take great care, get vaccinated and take serious measures to stay safe. It is still COVID-19.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 16 December, 2021

Travel to Mongolia still open. (see previous update)

The omicron variant of COVID-19 is still unknown in the country. That could change of course, but for the moment we’re clear. This has prompted Germany to declare Mongolia NOT a high risk country for travel. The vaccination rate in Mongolia is 65.9% of the population and going up daily.

Pfizer has announced their new oral COVID-19 pill is showing to be effective in preventing serious illness and hospitalization. It would be a good medication to have in your travel first-aid kit. The FDA is set to approve the sale of this in the next days, so watch your local news and check with your doctor or local pharmacy if this becomes available to the public.

With the setback of the omicron variant curtailing travel, the above is a bit of good news and hopefully we’ll begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we’re open, we’ll still be looking to do our 6-day Gobi Tour and the Gobi Winter Camping Adventure.


Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 12 November, 2021

Travel To Mongolia Now Open!

Incoming visitors arriving in Mongolia, and who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 for at least 14 days prior to arrival, can enter the country without quarantine and travel freely to any region. Proof of vaccination will have to be shown upon entry. We’ll watch to see if this changes as we enter winter and the cold/flu season and if COVID-19 cases increase. You will still have to provide a rapid or PCR test where you begin your travel in order to board flights.

For anyone eager to travel, this now opens up our winter season of 6-Day Gobi desert excursions our Gobi Winter Camping Adventure, and our Winter Camel Treks. We will also customize a winter gobi trip with 4 or more people, with one trip centered around the March Camel Festival. Contact us for more information or inquire about a gobi desert adventure under the brilliant starry Mongolian night.

As we have done for these past many months, we will still follow a COVID-19 hygiene protocol for all our travels within the country to ensure the well-being and safety of all who join us on an adventure travel experience.


Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 05 July, 2021

A retraction of a previous update. The Government of Mongolia has not officially announced any additional quarantines or regulations for arrivals showing documentation of full vaccination. At this point still, fully vaccinated people showing documentation and arriving 14 days or later after being vaccinated can still enter the country freely. There are only 5 reported cases of the Delta variant within the country and all under quarantine upon arrival.

There are travel restrictions within the country in certain Aimags (provinces), where there have been local COVID-19 outbreaks. The area we undertake our horse trips in is open.

As previously stated, as long as there are no heath authority warnings and lockdowns preventing travel within our area, we will continue to provide day long and multi-day horse riding trips into the national parks and wild areas we travel in. To keep all of us safe, we will require proof of vaccination or a PCR or Rapid test before traveling with us. Call us for more information.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date 24 May, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consul Director has announced that incoming visitors who have received their second COVID-19 vaccination shot and can show documentation, and that 14 days (2 weeks) have passed since the second shot, may enter the country without question. If an individual enters the country less than 14 days after their second shot, they will have to quarantine at their own expense, for a period of 7 days.

All incoming visitors for travel must show documentation they have been vaccinated with two shots or the one shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the proper post 14 day period has past.

Stone Horse Staff: All Stone Horse Staff will have been vaccinated by 01 June and ready to receive all guests by 15 June.

We are already doing day trips with local guests that are fully vaccinated or have had a PCR test showing negative within the prior 72 hours of the ride.

Want to ride with us this year? – If you’re considering joining us on a horse trekking trip or a gobi desert excursion this year 2021, contact us for travel details and what may be required to visit Mongolia. We will send you our own COVID-19 policy. As vaccines are increasingly being distributed and applied, we are getting more inquiries for our early season trips.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date April 6th, 2021

The government of Mongolia is looking to have 80% to 90% of the population vaccinated by 01 May 2021. With more and more vaccines arriving in Mongolia, this looks to be a realistic possibility. The WHO recently stated the SinoPharm and SinoVax vaccines meet their emergency use standards and approved for use, reaching up to 70% efficacy. Both vaccine makers, like their counterparts in the U.S. are considering a 3rd booster shot to counter the new variants. These vaccines are likely to be the most widely available vaccines in Mongolia. Other countries have already been using these vaccines with great success. This cannot come too soon, as the government policy of no more lockdowns has seen a dramatic increase in COVID-19 positive cases within the country. Vaccinating up to 90% of the population by 01 May, should knock the virus down considerably and allow borders to open quickly for travel and business.

Want to ride with us this year? – If you’re considering joining us on a horse trekking trip or a gobi desert excursion this year 2021, contact us for travel details and what may be required to visit Mongolia. As vaccines are increasingly being distributed and applied, we are getting more inquiries for our early season trips.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date March 26th, 2021

Mongolia has seen the rise of more COVID-19 cases as the government relaxed regulations and opened all places of business and gatherings, against the recommendations of the Ministry of Health advise. It is now close to 300 positive case per day. This will force yet another strict lock-down, beginning April.

Positive news is that almost 300,000 people have been vaccinated to date. Russia has committed to donating 1 million doses of Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. With the commitment of Japan’s 1.3 does of vaccine and the more than 500,000 doses of vaccine already present, this will vaccinate most, if not all of Mongolia’s adult population. A number of Pfizer vaccines will also be brought into the country and given to those with underlying health conditions.

The effort now will be the timely delivery in getting everyone vaccinated ASAP and opening the country again for business and travel.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date March 12th, 2021

Approximately 20,000 people a day are being vaccinated here at the moment according health authorities. With the lifting of restrictions within the country, there has again been a surge in positive cases, so again there will be partial lockdowns throughout the city and travel restrictions in and out of UB to the countryside. With the suggestion of vaccines being available, many are becoming too relaxed in their social distancing and hygiene.

Good News, Japan Donates Vaccines to Mongolia – Yesterday, the Governments of Japan and Mongolia signed an agreement, whereby Japan will donate 1.3 million doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine to Mongolia, about half the population, and bringing us closer to getting much of the country vaccinated. With the 300,000 doses from India, the 300,000 doses from China and 20,000 doses from Russia, that brings the current available vaccine doses in the country to 1.920 million, or about two thirds of the population. The task now is getting that into arms across the country.

We will suspend day trips until we feel it is safe to again resume them.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date March 1st, 2021

All roads in and out of Ulaanbaatar are now open for travel upon proof of a recent (within 72 hours) PCR test, both coming and going.

OPEN for DAY TRIPS – Stone horse is now open to local residents and expats for short day trips in the Darkhid Valley area where our horse riding staging area and cabins are located. Please contact our office mobile (9592 1167) for inquiries and further information. As always, we will keep the groups small for safety. No more than 6 guests at a time.

Participants will be required to provide proof of a negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours. Test can be obtained at district health clinics and a drive through test at the InterMed Hospital (call first for confirmation). Learn more..

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date February 23rd, 2021

Mongolia received 150,000 doses of COVID-19 on 22 February and began vaccinations today. This initial batch of vaccines were donated by the Indian Government and flown in on a special flight. Frontline health workers will be vaccinated first. And additional 150,000 doses will again come from India on the February 25th. These vaccines are the Indian produced AstraZeneca vaccine out of Oxford. China has also donated 300,000 does of it’s COVID-19 vaccine SinoPharm. Mongolia will also be getting the Russian Sputik V COVID-19 vaccine and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Others may also become available.

The health authorities are looking to have most of the population vaccinated by the end of June 2021, in time for the Naadam holiday in July. There is no date yet as to when the country will begin opening up and allowing international visitors arrive, but is working quickly to gain re-open the country to business. The most recent strict lock-down, where every household in Ulaanbaatar was tested, ended today, the 23rd of February, with most businesses opening up and travel to and from the countryside resuming.

Stone Horse will begin gearing up for horse riding activities out at the Darkhid valley staging area. Day trips and other activities will resume within the next couple of weeks. With the lock downs since early November 2020, locals and expats working here are keen to get out.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date January 4th, 2021

Ulaanbaatar and several Aimags (provinces) have been on lockdown and restricted movement since 23 December 2020. Most of the cases are now in Ulaanbaatar with a number of new ones each day. The lockdown in the city will continue for the next several days and then be reviewed again. It is likely it will be extended, as new cases in one of the hospitals were today reported. This is the recommendation from the GOM health authorities and the WHO. Unfortunately there has been one death so far, a 78 year old woman.

Positive news, is that Mongolia is looking to get a COVID-19 Vaccine through the European COVAX facility in the first quarter of 2021, where they applied to purchase vaccines with a $50 million grant from the World Bank. This would be enough for vaccinating most Mongolian citizens and expat residents, achieving herd immunity. We’ll watch this closely. You can read about it by clicking on the link above.

Borders are still closed to incoming visitors, with all flights and train arrivals cancelled until a vaccine is available. As reported previously, the only incoming passengers are Mongolian citizens being repatriated and essential foreign workers returning to work. The 21 day quarantine at government designated facility upon arrival is still in place, with an additional 2 weeks quarantine at home or hotel. All people under quarantine are monitored daily.

Mongolia COVID-19 Up-date November 12th, 2020

Yesterday, November 11th, the Government of Mongolia (GOM) closed the city of Ulaanbaatar, due to several citizens testing positive for COVID-19. Although the truck driver had been in quarantine for 21 days following his return from Russia, soon after release, he tested positive, along with his wife and other family members. The GOM health authorities have again acted swiftly to lockdown the city to all incoming and outgoing traffic and flights, as well as closing schools, businesses and all public meetings/gatherings until 17 November (5 days). The health authorities have been tracking who the couple would have come in contact with during their several days and have placed a number of people in quarantine as well to watch for any signs the virus may have been passed on. This is the second time that the virus has been found in the general community, the last time in April 2020 with a newly arrived French citizen. He has since recovered and returned to France. With this latest measure, the GOM are taking all precautions to prevent the potential spread of the virus and overwhelming the health system. Inconvenient as it is, it is a necessary measure to save lives. As with all persons released from a 21 day quarantine, they must submit to regular followup testing to ensure the virus is negative. This policy has allowed this new case to be found quickly.

Mongolia Covid-19 Up-date October 27, 2020

The period of advanced emergency readiness has been extended until December 31, 2020. This means commercial flights to/from Mongolia are not taking place until then, the same goes for regular trains. A limited number of foreign citizens can enter the country, such as staff of embassies, international cooperation organizations and companies operating in Mongolia. A three week quarantine and coverage of the cost of quarantine in a dedicated facility is required. The government is assessing the situation on a monthly basis.

The total of registered Covid-19 cases in Mongolia is currently at 340, of which 312 have recovered and 28 are currently under treatment. Most have mild cases, less than ten cases have been severe. No deaths have occurred from Covid-19.

All cases to date have been arrivals to the country, mostly repatriated citizens. All but one were isolated upon arrival, and there has not been any community spread of the infection. All arriving passengers are tested, and persons testing negative still undergo 21 days of quarantine in a dedicated, supervised facility.

Social distancing measures are in place, masks are mandatory in public. In-country travel is permitted, though road closures can be re-instated if the situation requires.


Early Covid-19 Measures by the Government of Mongolia

Mongolia took steps early to close borders and cancel all commercial flight arrivals and departures as well as all rail travel into and out of the country. This included internal lock downs, school closure’s, meetings and public festivals cancelled. Face masks are mandatory to enter buildings, stores and public places.

There have been a number of special government charter flights bringing back Mongolian citizens, students, workers and government personnel. Returnee’s are brought from the plane directly to prepared buses and onto a 21 day quarantine in designated facilities. Between arrival time and release from quarantine, 4 tests are performed. Positive cases are cared for in special medical facilities. Upon release from the quarantine facility, returnees are under a 14 day stay-at-home regime.

Any persons entering the country via other entrance points, have been and will also be placed in a 21 day quarantine near the point of entry.

For a detailed account of the approach by the Government of Mongolia to preventing the spread of coronavirus, see the article on “Mongolia’s Effective ‘Analogue’ Approach to COVID-19 Containment” by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

A quarantine drill was conducted on May 7 in one district of Ulaanbaatar city to practice coordination of all involved government services and compliance of private sector entities and the public. The Diplomat reported about the exercise on May 9 in its article on Practice Makes Perfect? Mongolia’s COVID-19 Outbreak Drill.

This is also a short video about Mongolia’s approach to the COVID-19 situation and how they are still working on managing this.

Travel to Mongolia – Check for Up-dates Here

Mongolia Covid-19 Information, Stone Horse Expeditions, Horseback Tours Mongolia, 2020, 2021

This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available. We will keep all our 2020 booked guests informed of any travel changes as they come up.

2021 Horseback Riding Season of Stone Horse Expeditions

Mongolia Covid-19 Information, Stone Horse Expeditions, Horseback Treks 2020, 2021While we are running one and multi-day day trail rides and treks and offer Gobi tours with guests resident here in Mongolia, our international arrivals are on hold until government announcements. Recent news implied that the Government of Mongolia is planning for opening international air arrivals to Mongolia in July, but this is not confirmed. We remain cautiously optimistic that the second part of the summer/riding season will be open in 2021.

A number of our guests booked for 2020 have postponed their trip to 2021. All booking deposits will remain valid and be deferred to next year’s schedule when  guests decide to postpone their trip.

All trips from August through October, will remain as per our normal deposit and cancellation policy until we hear further as to government and health official’s recommendations on travel.

Staying Safe – Options to Postpone Your Horse Trek

Mongolia Covid-19 Information, Stone Horse Expeditions, Horseback Treks 2020, 2021It is our hope that everyone booked with Stone Horse or thinking about traveling with us, remains safe and we all stay healthy through this global health crisis.

The Stone Horse Team

Day Riding and Multi-Day Horse Treks for Riding Guests residing in Mongolia

Mongolia Covid-19 Information, Stone Horse Expeditions, Horseriding Tours, 2020, 2021We run One Day Trail Rides and are planning overnight Horseback Trips to start in May 2021 within government set rules for travel routes, participant numbers and conduct. Please check for our current safety precautions here.

For more information, please see the full Stone Horse Expeditions Covid-19 Travel Safety Protocols, or download them. 

Contact us to discuss your riding adventure. 

Gobi Desert Tours

We also run our Gobi tours, and can tailor trips to your schedule, group and travel style preference (tented camping, ger camps, hotels).

Our regular tours are the 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour, the 10 Day Gobi Crossing into the more remote areas of the Gobi with some overnight camping. We have also arranged camel trekking, and can set up this adventure for your group with our local drivers and guides in the South Gobi. For more adventures in the Gobi, read the blog about our winter desert adventure 2020.

To experience the wildlife and landscapes of the desert steppe, take a 3-4 day tour from Ulaanbaatar to Middle Gobi and Dornogovi Province.

Contact us to discuss Your Gobi desert adventure.

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