2020 Mongolia Gobi Desert Tours 

Our Gobi Desert Tours 2020 at a Glance 

In 2020, Stone Horse Expedi2020 Gobi Desert Tourstions offers again several Gobi adventures. The 6 Day Gobi Desert tour is scheduled to fit between our horse treks. Combining the Gobi desert tour with a horseback expedition makes for a great experience of the amazing diversity of Mongolia’s natural landscapes.

On the 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour you visit the iconic sites of the Gobi – the Vulture Gorge, the Flaming Cliffs, and the Singing Sands. Home stays with nomadic herder families of the Gobi , and the knowledge of our local staff provide you with an authentic experience.

On the 10 Day Gobi Crossing, you venture into the more remote parts of the Gobi desert, and camp under the desert sky for some of the nights. You visit prehistoric sites and on the return journey to Ulaanbaatar take in the ancient capital Kharkhorin, as well as a visit to the wild horses, the sacred Takhi, of Hustai Nuruu National Park.

Winter camel trekking is a very special adventure, of 11 Days total. It combines camel riding/trekking (5 days) with exploring some of the famous Gobi sites while you travel by jeep to the trekking area. And one of the treks is scheduled to take in the colorful Lunar New Year festival in the Gobi.

Gobi Desert Tour – 6 Days

This jeep tour takes you to Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park (Three Beauties of the Gobi National Park), Mongolia’s largest park, and the iconic sites of Mongolia’s South Gobi, including Yoliin Am (Vulture Gorge) and Baynzag (Flaming Cliffs).

The 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour is scheduled to fit between our 10 Day Horseback Expeditions in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. For custom group tours at other dates than listed below, please contact us.

June 2 – 7

June 9 – 14

June 25 – 30

July 10 – 15

July 25 – 30

August 4 – 9

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August 14 – 19

August 28 – September 2

September 8 – 13

September 16 – 21

October 1 – 6

October 13 – 18

Gobi Desert Tour – 6 Days – plus Local Festivals

The Camel Festival in March and the Yak Festival in May are colorful events to see competitions, costumes and cultural performances. Two of our 6 Day Gobi Desert Tours are scheduled to take in these festivals.

Gobi Desert Tour with Camel Festival. March 2 – 9.  The 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour, plus 2 days Camel Festival (March 6/7) – total 8 days.

Gobi Desert Tour with Yak Festival. May 25 – 31. The 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour, plus 1 day Yak Festival – total 7 days.

Gobi Crossing – 10 Days

A jeep based desert adventure, exploring the more remote areas of Mongolia’s Gobi. Includes the iconic sites of the 6 Day tour, interesting prehistoric sites, desert camping, and camel riding. On the way back to Ulaanbaatar, visit the ancient capital Kharkhorin and Hustai Nuruu National Park.

October 20 – 29

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Winter Camel Trekking in the Gobi – 10 Days

A winter adventure, exploring the desert landscapes, traveling on camel back, and hiking. The February trek is scheduled to experience the festivities of Lunar New Year (February 24 – 26, 2020)

This tour includes travel between Ulaanbaatar City and the Gobi, and approach to the staging area by jeep, and 5 days of camel trekking in a remote desert mountain massif.

February 16 – 25, 2020

November 12 – 21, 2020

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Other Mongolia Adventures 2020

16 Day Mongolia Adventure Tour

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2020 Herder Home Stays

If you want to experience real rural life, and spend time with a Mongolian herder family, join in chores and daily activities, eat or help cook authentic Mongolian food, check out the Ger Stay. Its only about an hours drive from the city of Ulaanbaatar, and a great opportunity to be part of herders’ countryside life.

2020 Day Tours

If you have only a day or two in Ulaanbaatar, and you want to see the sights of the capital city or explore the vicinity, check out our Day Tours to Tsonjin Boldog (Chinggis Statue), Manzuchir Monastery, Hustai Nuruu National Park, or our popular City Tour.