Photos of Mongolia Horse Riding

Photography for Environmental Awareness and Nature Conservation in Mongolia

photos Mongolia horse riding, Stone Horse Expeditions Photography has always played a role in our work to show the beauty of nature, and to raise public awareness of threats to the natural environment and the need to protect the resources of our planet and to set aside pristine wilderness. We are continuing this work in Mongolia with our eco tourism riding expeditions.

Stone Horse Expeditions into the Gorkhi Terelj National Park and the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area offer great opportunities for photography,of nature, of horses, of riding adventures in Mongolia and of the interesting historic and cultural sites we explore on our horse trekking expeditions in Mongolia.



Photo Selections for Guests – Sharing Memories in Images

Photos Horse Riding Mongolia, Stone Horse ExpeditionsWe like to capture the images of landscapes and wilderness, and to document the days of the riding holidays with our guests. After each tour, we make a selection of photos and make them available to our tour guests – a selection for the group plus individual selections.

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