2023 Experience Mongolia Tours – rerunning in 2024!

Transformational Travel Experiences – Culture and History, Nature and Grand Landscapes

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On our 2023  “Experience Mongolia” Tours you explore the landscapes of Mongolia, learn about history and culture of the country and experience local hospitality. You travel by 4×4 vehicle as distances in Mongolia are great. But the routes and time frame are planning to allow you plenty of time at the destinations and enroute. Enough time to walk, visit, see the sites or just stop to take in the landscape, the big sky, the silence or rural scenery. You also have the chance to try traveling like the locals. You can take a camel ride in the Gobi and a day ride on horseback to enjoy the forest steppe landscapes in the Northern part of the country.

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Tours to fit your Travel Time Frame in Mongolia

Our 2023 Experience Mongolia tours include a longer tour of 16 days, and a shorter trip of 4 days

Mongolia Adventure Tour – 16 Days

August 20 – September 4

The Mongolia Adventure Tour is a 16 day exploration. It takes in some of the country’s most cherished natural wonders and wildlife, historical and spiritual sites. You travel overland by 4×4 across the vast landscapes. Along the way, you take short hikes, ride a camel, or get on horseback for short excursions. Overnight accommodations range from modern hotels to home stays with nomadic families.

You experience the Gobi desert in the South, and Gorkhi Terelj National Park in the North. You visit the ancient capital of Kharkhorin with Mongolia’s oldest and most important Buddhist site – Erdenezuu Monastery. On return to the capital city you stop at Hustai Nuruu National Park. This is where Mongolia’s sacred Takhi, the world’s last truly wild horses are being re-introduced into the wild.

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A Great Time to Travel – Avoiding Crowds and Enjoying the Best Weather

The Mongolia Adventure Tour takes place at a great time for travel in Mongolia, from late August to early September, when the weather is – typically – stable. With the summer heat of the Gobi past, temperatures now are pleasantly warm. Nights in the North start to be chilly, while days are warm with autumn sun. It is towards the end of tourist season, and few other travelers will frequent attractions and accommodations.

The Mongolia Adventure Tour is a great opportunity for your private group of friends, extended family or like minded travelers to explore, learn and enjoy together.

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Wildlife and Landscapes of the Desert Steppe – 4 Days

Explore picturesque landscapes in the steppe and desert regions, visit the Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve, and watch wildlife in Ikh Nart National Park. This tour is a great way to make good use of your limited time in Mongolia.

Your destinations are within a few hours drive of Ulaanbaatar, the sights of the natural landscapes and wildlife are rewarding, and you get to spend nights in a traditional ger, experiencing true Mongolian hospitality.