Conservation and Community

Conservation of Local Natural Resources and Benefits to the local Community

Around our staging area in the Darkhid Valley, we work with the local community and government on ecological restoration. We actively promote ecotourism, education and conservation. We also focus on enhancing the livelihoods of local families that use the pastures, water and forest resources there. We have lived there for more than a decade and are committed to helping sustain local resources and livelihoods.

Ecological Restoration

Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel partners with the New Zealand Nature Institute in working together with the Darkhid Valley Community of herders on livelihood improvement, land restoration, forest and pasture management and watershed protection. With the project “Water for Life – The Darkhid Valley Community Land Restoration Project for Watershed Protection” we help bring together conservation specialists, educators, students and local authorities to better protect the environment along with the real experts, the herders themselves.

Protection of Nature and the Environment in Mongolia

Now more than ever, conservation of the natural environment plays an important role in the mitigation of climate change. Conservation of nature is also important for the continuation of wild species of plants and animals and of local human communities. Preserving large natural areas managed to their highest conservation values is an ongoing discussion on all our trips. We invite you to join in that discussion and take part in worldwide efforts to maintain our natural environment.

In our work for the protection of biodiversity and the natural environment we have focused on people-centered conservation, and look back on 16 years of collaboration with communities and government organizations in Mongolia. We have devoted our careers to working on conservation, and with “Stone Horse” we continue that commitment.