Stone Horse Mongolia Covid Safety Protocols

Our adventure activities in Mongolia’s Khentii Mountains and Gobi Desert are socially distanced naturally, in the outdoors, in wide open spaces $500 payday loan online. For the post-covid age of travel however, despite a comprehensive in-country vaccination program and vaccination proof mandatory for arriving travelers, we adjusted our safety procedures so guests and team members can enjoy the experience with peace of mind.

The Stone Horse Mongolia Covid Safety Protocols are shared below, and you can download them. We are sending them to all who book a trip with us. Please read the information below for travel with Stone Horse Expeditions. It also contains some options on what to bring you may want to consider.

Stone Horse Mongolia Covid Safety Protocols

Preparation for Travel

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required by airlines, transport companies and hotels while traveling. Please ensure you have the required documents when booking tickets for travel and arriving at airports and hotels. Your local health provider, authority and travel agents should be able to guide you on this.

Travel Insurance (post-COVID-19)

Check with your travel insurance provider to ensure that you are covered should there be a COVID-19 outbreak in any of the countries you are visiting while there. Should you contract the virus or a variant and need medical attention, or should the country impose travel restrictions or quarantines while there, your travel insurance should cover this.

Travel Accommodation

We work with hotels, ger camps and guest houses to accommodate our guests while traveling with us here in Mongolia to ensure they provide clean, safe accommodation. Each guest accommodation will have their own protocols for post-COVID-19 safety, which we will monitor on a constant basis to ensure standards are kept high.

Travel in Stone Horse Expedition Vehicles

We will require face masks when traveling in our vehicles to destinations, beginning from pick up at the airport.

All vehicles will have hand sanitizer available for use by guests.

We will provide face masks to anyone who does not have one or would like a new one.

Drivers will clean and wipe down all vehicle interiors after each use with a Clorox solution.

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats

We clean and sanitize all our tents after use on each expedition to ensure they are safe to use again.

Sleeping bags, the soft pile inner bag liners are all commercially cleaned and sanitized between each trip. The waterproof sleeping bag carrier will be cleaned with a Clorox solution and dried in the sun after each trip. Sleeping mats are cleaned between each trip with a Clorox solution and exposed to the sun for drying and sanitation

*Personal Option for Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping MatsStone Horse Mongolia Covid Safety Protocols, Stone Horse Expeditions

If you would prefer not to use our tents/sleeping bags/sleeping mats and bring your own, we can allow this, providing they meet our size and weight requirements. We must keep all items to a minimum for weight and size so as not to overload the pack horses and take up the limited carrying space we need on the horse trips. The photo to the right is showing the size and types of these items.

Contact us if you have any questions about the above personal option.


In Camp

We will provide a hand washing station with soap, water and hand sanitizer for use at any time while in camp.

Hand sanitizer for use will be kept near the dining area while in camp.

Our camps are in wide-open scenic spaces with plenty of fresh air and room to spread out and enjoy a bit of solitude, allowing to keep a good distance from other guests.

Food Preparation in Camp

Stone Horse staff involved in preparing and serving food will, in addition to previous routine hygiene practices, wear masks and use disposable gloves. Dishwashing is done with antiseptic detergent. Guests use individually issued, color-coded cups for all meals in camp and on the trail which they will keep for the duration of each trip.

Drinking Water

We will continue to issue each guest with two stainless steel water bottles for the duration of each trip for personal use. We use a military grade water filter to provide fresh filtered water.

Stone Horse Personnel

All Stone Horse personnel will be vaccinated for COVID-19 before the season begins and will show proof of vaccination to our guests at the start of each new trip. We will also wear face masks/gloves where and when required.

Guest Input

We welcome input from our guests on the above. If you know of something that would be helpful in making our trips a safer and more enjoyable experience in our new post COVID-19 world, please let us know with a suggestion for us to consider.

Last word

We at Stone Horse Expeditions look forward to the day when we can resume safe but somewhat “normal” interactions and travel with unrestricted freedom. We hope that measures like the above will soon become unnecessary as more and more people are vaccinated and the pandemic subsides. Post pandemic operations, travel and public life throughout society will certainly be different and we will have to adjust. In the meantime though, we will endeavor to remain vigilant in keeping our guests, staff and partner relations safe.

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