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Who we are

DSCN0076We know the destinations we take you to – we’ve explored them by horseback for years, finding extraordinary scenic routes to share with our guests. As long time professional conservationists, we’ve worked to help protect the beautiful areas we travel through.

We lead all our expeditions ourselves to ensure the highest quality experience. Our team at Stone Horse offers you the right mix of local and international experience to make your travels an unforgettable adventure. Meet our team..

Our guests appreciate our care for the environment and for our horses, the high quality riding and camping equipment, great expedition food and individual service from the moment you contact us. Learn more..

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“Best trip, Best guides” You will be inspired by their knowledge of wilderness conservation, as well as history of the area. The scenery and total experience is not to be missed. This trip is at the top of my most favorite travel adventures.. – Rae Roberts, Washington DC. USA


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Our Base Camp – at the Doorstep to great Horse Riding Country

DSCN1597Our riding base camp is at the door-step to great horse riding country – the cultural landscapes of Gorkhi Terelj National Park and the mountain wilderness of the Khan Khentii Special Protected Area, two of Mongolia’s premier parks.

Our staging area is about an hour’s drive from Ulaanbaatar city in the Darkhid Valley.  Here are the home pastures of our herd of Mongolian horses and where we work with the local community. The scenic valley, with gers and log cabins, is the back drop for your welcome, where we prepare and pack for our horse riding expedition — and where you meet and get to know your horse before we set out. From here, a short forest ride takes us to a pass beyond which lies the park – and days of riding, exploring and relaxing.

The Darkhid Valley’s mountain pastures are surrounded by forests of Siberian larch, pine, spruce and birch. Small streams and wetlands harbor willow and elder. The grasslands that provide pasture for wildlife and livestock comprise several hundred species of wild grasses and herbs that bloom in an explosion of colors when left in their natural state. With its summer flowers, high grass, and songs of the Cuckoo everywhere, the valley is great place to start your holiday…

Our Commitment to Conservation

dscn8908Conservation of the environment is one of the main reasons why we enjoy taking people on horse tours into some of Mongolia’s most pristine and wild areas. Sharing this with you gives us joy and confidence that others from around the world will also understand that conserving the biodiversity of nature is not a luxury, but a necessity of life that all of us must protect. We believe that Thoreau’s notion that In wildness is the preservation of the world” is something people must both feel and experience to truly understand. We can help you do that.

We put our commitment to conservation into practice both with our expeditions and with ongoing local projects around our base camp area. On our expeditions, we not only adhere to a high standard of ecological conduct and low impact wilderness travel. We actively work with park authorities to improve wilderness protection and visitor management at the wilderness destinations we take you to. Learn more about the Wilderness Conservation Adventure.

Our Work with the Local Community

DSCN1743Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel personnel have a long history of working with local communities throughout Mongolia on conservation and rural development, and we continue to do so. Working with the Darkhid community of herder families, local rangers and government, we help with ecological restoration, sustainable use and protection of grasslands, forest, wetlands and streams. Learn more..

Through our company, we arrange the bookings for a home stay in a ger(yurt) with local herder families so you can experience life here as the herders live it. Most guests have liked joining in the normal daily chores of the homestay hosts, learning about herders’ life in Mongolia first hand. Learn more about the Ger Stay.


Teamwork at Stone Horse Expeditions – Humans, Equines, and Canines

DSCN7385Those who have been on the trail with us, and many of you riding your own horses, know that a good ride depends on the team work of horse and human, whether its an afternoon’s trail ride or an extended back country trip. Humans and horses have been in each other’s company for probably more than five thousand years. Much longer even, humans and dogs have been best companions.

There seems to be something very natural about humans, equines and canines traveling together, and it feels right. Our expedition horses, whether saddle or pack horses, are a team of their own, knowing their jobs and doing them well. They are all unique individuals with their own character and skill set. We respect, value and enjoy them, and care for them year round. Meet our equine team members..

DSCN0265The Stone Horse Team is completed by our expedition dog, known for both his affection and his stamina when running along! He is always concerned that everybody is accounted for and makes everybody feel at home. Strictly speaking, he is not our dog, but the herder family’s dog. But he takes time off to come on our expeditions ! Mongolian dogs are very independent minded.


Our Horse Riding Expeditions

DSCN8289Learn more about each of our Horse Riding Expeditions:

Gorkhi Terelj National Park – 10 Days

Gorkhi Terekj National Park Autumn Trek – 8 Days

Khentii Mountains Wilderness Expedition – 14 Days

Wilderness Conservation Adventure – 14 Days




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