Winter Camel Trekking in the Gobi
Camel Trekking Caravan, Gobi, Mongolia, Stone Horse Expeditions
Camel riding guests, Mongolian Gobi, Stone Horse Expeditions
Winter Camping in the Gobi Desert.
Canyon with Elm Tree, Mongolian Gobi
desert landscape, Mongolian Gobi
Camel Riding in the Gobi, Mongolia
Vulture soaring in the blue sky
Local guide in red canyon landscape in Mongolia’s Gobi desert
Ice fall and frozen creek in the mountains of Mongolia’s South Gobi
Yoliin Am, Vulture Gorge, in Mongolia’s Gobi
Ibex (Capra Sibirica) in the mountains of the Mongolian Gobi
Desert landscape of colorful sediments, Mongolian Gobi
Camel herd and Cow of local herder family in the Gobi desert
Sand dunes and saxaul plants in Mongolia’s Gobi desert
A Flock of sand grouse in the sky
Elm Trees in Gobi Desert
Desert landscape, Mongolian Gobi
Desert landscape with elm trees in riverbed
Curious young camels, Mongolian Gobi
Herd of Bactrian Camel near a watering point. Gobi, Mongolia
The face of a young camel, Gobi Desert, Mongolia
A livestock herders camels in saxaul forest in Mongolia’s Gobi
Domestic bactrian camels near saxaul stands, Gobi. Mongolia
Saxaul plants on sand dune, Gobi, Mongolia
camping during camel trekking in a canyon in the Gobi desert, Mongolia
Camel pack trip, Gobi, Mongolia
Camel rider before mounting
Desert elm tree. Gobi, Mongolia
A riverbed in the Gobi desert, Mongolia
Sand grouse (Syrrhaptes paradoxus) flying. Gobi, Mongolia
camel trekking, Gobi, Mongolia
Desert traveler on camel back, Gobi, Mongolia
Camel trekking in the Gobi, Mongolia
Guest on camel back during a camel trek in Mongolia’s Gobi

Winter Camel Trekking in the Gobi


Experience the winter desert, amazing landscapes, and local culture and festivities.

Only 3 treks per year.


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