2019 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours Schedule

For those who have already written to us to inquire about our 2019 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours Schedule and those planning their 2019 Mongolia adventure vacation on horseback – here is a brief overview:

2019 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours Schedule of Stone Horse Expeditions

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Expeditions

The Gorkhi Terelj National Park expeditions explore the pastoral landscapes and remote wilderness parts of the park famous for its scenic rock formations, mountain meadows and clear rivers – lots of open country for great horse riding! Learn more..

Five 10 Day Tours

June 15 – 24

July  01 – 10

July 16 – 25

Aug  19 – 28

Sept 21 – 30

One 8 Day Autumn Trek 

Oct 06-13

Khentii Wilderness Expeditions

The Khentii Wilderness Expeditions travel through Gorkhi Terelj National Park, and into the “Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area”, the most revered Protected Area in Mongolia. A wilderness with dense forests, hidden lakes, rugged mountain passes, and ancient trails, the Khentii Mountains are of outstanding ecological, historical and spiritual value. Learn more..

Wilderness Conservation Adventure

July 31 – Aug 13   (14 Days)

Khentii Mountains Expedition  (once a season, 14 Days)

Sep 03 – 16    (14 Days)

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