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Mongolia Horse Riding Tours and Gobi Desert Adventures

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Mongolia Horse Riding Tours

The 2019 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions again includes five 10 Day Gorkhi Terelj National Park Rides between June and September, and the shorter Autumn Horse Trek (8 Days) in October. Our 10 Day Gorkhi Terelj National Park Ride in early July is scheduled so that you can include the Nadaam Special after your horseback ride.

The Khentii Wilderness Expedition of 14 days (12 days riding) will be in early September. And our award winning “Wilderness Conservation Adventure” Expedition is planned again for early August. We added two days to this trip when we actively help with wilderness preservation, making it a 12 day ride as well.

All trip prices are in US Dollars.

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2019 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours Schedule

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Expeditions

The Gorkhi Terelj National Park expeditions explore the pastoral landscapes and remote wilderness parts of the park famous for its scenic rock formations, mountain meadows and clear rivers – lots of open country for great horse riding! Learn more..

Five 10 Day Tours

June 15 – 24     1 place open

July  01 – 10  Include Naadam Special with your trip !   2 places open

July 16 – 25      3 places open

Aug  19 – 28      3 places open

Sept 21 – 30      3 places open

One 8 Day Autumn Trek 

This late season trek is a great opportunity to encounter herds of free roaming Mongolian horses, learn about the nomadic lifestyle as herders return to their winter camps, and enjoy autumn colors in the park.

Oct 06-13    4 places open

Khentii Wilderness Expeditions

The Khentii Wilderness Expeditions travel through Gorkhi Terelj National Park, and into the “Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area”, the most revered Protected Area in Mongolia. A wilderness with dense forests, hidden lakes, rugged mountain passes, and ancient trails, the Khentii Mountains are of outstanding ecological, historical and spiritual value. Learn more..

Khentii Mountains Expedition  (once a season, 14 Days)

Sep 03 – 16    (14 Days)  4 places open

Wilderness Conservation Adventure

A special horseback adventure into the Khentii Wilderness – enjoy true back country riding, explore Mongolia’s largest wilderness, and help with conservation work.

July 31 – Aug 13   (14 Days)    3 places open

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Check out our Gobi tours and combine a horse trek with a desert adventure!

Gobi Desert Tours

The dates of our Gobi Desert Tour are arranged so that most of these tours are between our horse treks running from mid-June to mid October. The Gobi tour is becoming popular with our horse riding guests and this schedule allows you to combine a horse trek with a Gobi tour. An additional two Gobi tours (4-9 August, 8-13 Sep) run while our longer Khentii mountain horseback tours are ongoing.

One Gobi Desert Tour is scheduled to include the two day Camel Festival on March 6-7, making this an 8 day tour. Another Gobi Desert Tour is scheduled to take in the one day Yak Festival on May 29, making this desert experience a 7 day tour.

Custom trips can be arranged before and after the scheduled tours at any time of the year providing we can schedule them in.  The minimum number of guests for such a tour is two.

2019 Gobi Desert Tours Schedule

Gobi Desert Tour – 8 Days – including Camel Festival

March 2 – 9

Gobi Desert Tour – 7 Days – including Yak Festival

May 25 – May 31

Gobi Desert Tour – 6 Days

June 2 – 7

June 9 – 14

June 25 – 30

July 10 – 15

July 25 – 30

August 4 – 9

August 14 – 19

August 30 – September 4

September 8 – 13

September 18 – 23

October 2 – 7

October 16 – 21

2019 Gobi Crossing – 10 Days

May 14 – 23

October 20 – 29

2019/20 Winter Camel Trekking in the Gobi

November 12 – 21

December 1 – 12

February 9 – 18

2019 Hiking in Gorkhi Terelj National Park

Both our two hiking tours 2018 are in September, a great month for autumn colors, and great hiking weather.

September 7 – 14

September 21 – 28

2019 Herder Home Stays

If you want to experience real rural life, and spend time with a Mongolian herder family, join in chores and daily activities, eat or help cook authentic Mongolian food, check out the Ger Stay. Its only about an hours drive from the city of Ulaanbaatar, and a great opportunity to be part of herders’ countryside life.

2019 Day Tours

If yo have only a day or two in Ulaanbaatar, and you want to see the sights of the capital city or explore the vicinity, check out our Day Tours to Tsonjin Boldog (Chinggis Statue), Manzuchir Monastery, Hustai Nuruu National Park, or our popular City Tour.

Destination Mongolia – Getting there is easy

Mongolia offers amazing natural beauty in its pastoral landscapes and remote wilderness areas alike. But travel to Mongolia, whether from North America, South Pacific or Europe, is far easier than the Western synonym for remoteness – “Outer Mongolia” – suggests. Learn more..