Horse Riding Mongolia – One Day Trail Rides and Short Treks

Horseback Excursions to Escape the City and Explore Nature

Come with your friends for a day ride or short trek, experience horse riding in Mongolia

Horse Riding Mongolia – One Day Trail Rides

Prices for Day Rides

Day Ride – $100/person

Prices for Overnight Camping Trips

Two Day Trip (one night in tented camp, two days riding)   $700/person

Three Day Trip (two nights in tented camp, three days riding)   $1050/person

Four Day Trip (three nights in tented camp, fours days riding)    $1400/person


Booking and Payment

For the day ride, please book 48 hours before the ride and pay on the day. For the 2 to 4 day overnight camping treks, we will need a $200 deposit per person, as preparations with staff and transport will be made and food supplies obtained. You can make a booking payment for these rides here.

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Leave the city behind and come out for a day ride. It will refresh your senses and your outlook after a long work week, or after a long time in city confines. You will be surprised how close to the city you find yourself surrounded by natural beauty and wild landscapes.

Our base camp and the horses’ home valley is just over an hours drive from Ulaanbaatar, and just an hours ride from the scenic upper Terelj valley of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. From here, your group of family or friends will start out for a day of exploration.

Trail Horses for All Riding Levels

Upon arrival, you enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the log cabin while the saddled horses are waiting for you. We’ll fit you with helmet and half chaps before introducing you to your trail horses. All our horses are professionals with years of trail riding experience.

As a beginner, we will match you with the gentlest of them. After adjusting the saddle, instructions and a bit of trial to get a feel for the horse and his movement, we set out. The group is accompanied by two or more of the Stone Horse Team.

Trails for Day Tours on Horseback

There is a variety of trails we can explore, whether its an hours walk in the valley as an introduction to horse riding, a ridge ride of 4 -5 hours to enjoy amazing views, or a longer ride into the Terelj River Valley. For experienced riders, there are ample opportunities for longer day trips, riding into the Terelj valley over one pass and returning via a different route

A typical day for a full day ride would start for you with pick-up at your home around 8 am. After coffee and familiarization at the cabins, setting out for the trail around 10:30. A long lunch break at 1 pm , and starting the ride back around 2:30, to arrive back at the cabins for refreshments around 5 pm. While you enjoy a drink, watch the horses as they are released – they all have a good roll and then run off to join the rest of the herd.

Overnight Camping Trips

It gets even better if you spend a night out camping. Our tented camp riverside can be reached after a half – or full day ride, depending on the route we chose. From the camp, we can explore the park on day rides, further upriver, into scenic side valleys and along trails in the scenic forests of the river flats. There are beautiful wilderness areas within easy reach. The horses like these excursions to good grazing grounds, too.

We set up our tented camp when nights get warmer in May for groups who want to enjoy a weekend out or a short holiday. It is established at a quiet site near the river. The smaller dome-shaped tents are for sleeping, with single or double occupancy as you prefer. The two larger Tipi tents are heated with a wood stove on cool nights, one is for guest dining and one is for the camp kitchen. The whole camp and provisions are brought in by our pack horses. Its an easy haul for them, and while the camp is up, they are on a holiday too.

With the camp as a base, riding tours can be extended to 1,2, or 3 overnight stays, with day rides in different directions each day. Or if you prefer, you can hang out in camp for a quiet day, take walks or a day hike.

What We Provide for Day Rides

  • Pick-up and drop-off from your home/hotel in Ulaanbaatar City
  • Welcome Refreshments of Coffee, Pastry, Fruit
  • Your Trail Horse matched to your riding level
  • Western Trail Saddle and Tack from our own saddlery, built for comfort and safety
  • Helmet, half chaps, saddle bags
  • Picnic lunch with hot drinks
  • Drinking water
  • After-ride refreshments, drinks

What We Provide for Overnight Camping Trips

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Tent and sleeping bag, inner bag
  • Dry bag to pack your clothes and other essentials
  • Personal Hygiene pack (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, lighter)
  • Hearty nutritious meals, three per day, Mongolian and international cooking (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free accommodated)

What You Should Bring for a Day Ride

  • Sturdy footwear (hiking shoes are good)
  • Long pants
  • Layers (sweater, shirts) according to season
  • Warm layer (light down, pile jacket)
  • Windbreaker/rain jacket
  • Warm hat, gloves according to season
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, sun hat/cap
  • Camera

What You Should Bring for Overnight Camping Trips

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Long underwear
  • Personal toiletries

Group Size for Day Rides and Overnight Camping Trips

Our horse rides and treks have always been small group travel, for quality of experience, safety and personal service. Today, we are even more concerned about small group size. We therefore keep the number of guest riders on day rides and short treks at 4 – 8.




Contact us to discuss Your City Escape for Horse Riding Mongolia – One Day Trail Rides, and Overnight Camping Trips.