2024 Mongolia Gobi Desert Adventures

At the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia's Gobi, panorama

2024 Mongolia Gobi Desert Adventures with Stone Horse

Stone Horse Expeditions’ program of 2024 Mongolia Gobi Desert Adventures has been expanded! A special tour is dedicated to exploring some of the country’s most revered cultural and historical sites, iconic destinations in the Gobi desert and experiencing the Camel Festival in March. Contact us for more details and the itinerary.

Our other Gobi tours run as in previous years. The 6 Day Gobi Desert tours are scheduled as usual in between our horse treks so guests can make the best of their stay in Mongolia by combining two adventures. These are by 4×4 to cover the vast distances in Mongolia and bring you to the destinations for day hikes, camel riding, visiting historic and cultural sites, and enjoy local hospitality at a herder’s family ger.

Experience the vast open spaces of the Mongolian Gobi and learn about the nomadic practices of herder families. Travelers in the Mongolian Gobi are surprised to find very varied landscapes. These may be rugged mountain ranges, green pastures, ice filled canyons, gigantic sand dunes and desert oases.

Mongolia’s Gobi is habitat to a wealth of wildlife. You have a good chance to see gazelle,  birdlife, Ibex (mountain goat) and Argali (mountain sheep). And with luck on an early morning or evening mountain hike – or upon special request to engage a local wildlife guide, and with all precautions not to disturb their habitat – you may be able to see snow leopard. Enquire with us about special wildlife watching opportunities that we can offer you, working with local communities in the Gobi.

Mongolia's Gobi - Making the Sands Sing

2024 Mongolia Gobi Desert Adventures at a Glance

The 8 Day Gobi Adventure with Camel Festival brings you to the Gobi via the ancient capital Kharkhorin. In the desert, you visit the famed Singing Sands of Khongoryn Els, and the Flaming Cliffs of Baynzag, the legendary site of dinosaur fossil findings. You will attend the Camel Festival, a colorful event where nomadic camel herders of the Gobi share their traditions and skills during a 2 day event. This adventure lets you overnight in modern hotels, at nomad’s family home stays and in the more remote areas in our own tented camps, with heated, insulated tents for your comfort.

The 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour takes you to the iconic sites of the Mongolian Gobi. Hike into the Vulture Gorge and visit the Flaming Cliffs. Climb the dunes of the Singing Sands. Home stays with nomadic herder families of the Gobi and the knowledge of our local staff provide you with an authentic experience.

On the 10 Day Gobi Crossing, you venture into the more remote parts of the Gobi desert. Camp under the desert sky for some of the nights. Visit prehistoric sites with ancient rock art. On the return journey take in the historic capital Kharkhorin. Visit the wild horses of Hustai Nuruu National Park before returning to Ulaanbaatar.

Winter camel trekking is a very special adventure, of 11 Days total. It combines camel riding/trekking (5 days) with exploring some of the famous Gobi sites while you travel by jeep to the trekking area. One of the treks is scheduled to take place during the colorful Lunar New Year festival in the Gobi.

The Gobi Winter Camping Adventure is for small groups of family or friends who are true adventure travelers.

Camel Trekking can be a mix of riding and walking your camel

Camel Trekking in Mongolia's Gobi

2024 Mongolia Gobi Desert Adventures – Details

8 Day Gobi Adventure with Camel Festival – March 1 – 8, 2024

The adventure tour that combines visits to the historic sites of Kharkhorin, desert camping and travel to iconic Gobi sites (Khongoryn Els, Baynzag), and the experience of the Camel Festival. Stay in hotels, heated tent camps, and with herder families.

Mar 1    Travel to Kharkhorin (lunch along the way in restaurants in modern roadside  rest stop). Overnight in Hotel

Mar 2    Visit Erdenezuu Monastery and Kharkhorin Museum, Lunch in Kharkhorin. Travel to Arvaikheer, provincial capital of Uvurkhangai. Overnight in Hotel.

Mar 3    Travel from Arvaikeer via Ongiin Khiid ruins to Baynzag area. Camp or Home Stay.

Mar 4    Visit Baynzag in the morning, travel to Khongoryn Els sand dunes in the afternoon. Camp near the sand dunes.

Mar 5    Walk or camel ride in the dunes of the Singing Sands. Afternoon, travel to Western Beauty Mountains. Spend the night camping in mountain scenery.

Mar 6    In the morning, travel to Camel Festival near Dalanzadgad. Attend the festival activities. Overnight in hotel in Dalanzadgad.

Mar 7    Attend festival in the morning. Travel to Yoliin Am, short hike into Yoliin Am, (Vulture Gorge) Return to Dalanzadgad. Overnight in hotel.

Mar 8    Travel to Ulaanbaatar. If time allows, via scenic Baga Gazariin Chuluu Nature Reserve on the way back

Gobi Desert Tour – 6 Days

This jeep tour takes you to Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park (Three Beauties of the Gobi National Park), Mongolia’s largest park, and the iconic sites of Mongolia’s South Gobi, including Yoliin Am (Vulture Gorge) and Baynzag (Flaming Cliffs).

The 6 Day Gobi Desert Tour is scheduled to fit between our Horseback Expeditions in Gorkhi Terelj National Park in summer (June – August), in autumn (September) and late autumn (October).

For custom group tours to the Gobi at other dates than listed below, please contact us.

June 2 – 7                June 9 – 14         June 25 – 30         July 10 – 15       July 25 – 30         August 4 – 9       August 14 – 19

Aug 28 – Sept 2        September 14 – 19           October 1 – 6          October 14 – 19 (14 – 18 if you want to join the ride October 18 – 25)

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Inquire about other dates.

Gobi Crossing – 10 Days

The Gobi Crossing is a jeep based desert adventure, exploring the more remote areas of Mongolia’s Gobi. This tour includes the iconic sites of the 6 Day tour, as well as prehistoric sites, desert camping and camel riding. On the way back to Ulaanbaatar, visit the ancient capital Kharkhorin and Hustai Nuruu National Park

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Gobi Winter Camping Adventure 

Tested and tried, our Gobi winter adventure is designed for small private groups of true adventure travelers. The beauty of the Gobi desert in winter is enchanting – if you are made for this kind of adventure. In winter, tourist accommodations are closed in the Gobi, and your desert home is a Shiftpod, heated with a wood stove. This dwelling was developed for desert camping, providing excellent shelter against heat and cold alike. Its extremely fast to set up, and it gives us the freedom to explore and make camp in an instant, under the brilliant sky of the Gobi desert. Learn more..

Contact us for your custom adventure.

Winter Camel Trekking in the Gobi – 10 Days

A winter adventure, exploring the desert landscapes, traveling on camel back, and hiking. This tour includes travel between Ulaanbaatar City and the Gobi, and approach to the staging area by jeep, and 5 days of camel trekking in a remote desert mountain massif.

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Combine Your Gobi tour with a Riding Adventure in Mongolia ! Check out our horseback expeditions.

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Summer Horse Treks  – 10 Days

Autumn Riding Camp, GOrkhi Terelj National Park, 10 Days

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Late Season Horse Treks  – 8 Days

Autumn Colors of the Khentii – September Horse Trek – 12 Days

Mongolia Wilderness Conservation Adventure – 14 Days

One Day Trail Rides

If you have only a day or two left to spare before or after your Gobi adventure, and you want to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Green Zone of Ulaanbaatar City, consider a one day trail ride with us. Our herd of trail horses lives in a valley Northeast of the city, about an hours drive from the city.

Rides can be half day or full day. We have horses for all riding levels. Transport, morning coffee and pastry, picnic lunch and after ride snacks are included. We also provide helmets, half chaps, saddle bags. Our saddles are comfortable Western trail saddles, the horses are all experienced trail companions.