A Mongolian Winter

The Long Winter Approaches (and our end of season special offer)

After a long season of horse riding expeditions behind us, we’re slowing down just a little for the long winter ahead, a Mongolian winter, but still riding out of our staging area in the Darkhid Valley with day trips. Cold but beautiful. Our tough Mongolian winter horses make this easy. Take a look at what we’ve been doing, our 2016 schedule, the Wilderness Conservation ride, Gobi tours, herder family Ger Stay and our December 23rd “End of Season Special” limited time offer below. Don’s miss that!

A Winter Ride in Mongolia, Stone Horse Expeditions, Winter Sun
Riding into the sunset – of the Mongolian winter sun

2016 Horse Riding Expedition Schedule

Our 2016 Horse Riding Expedition schedule for our Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Expeditions and the Khentii Mountains Expeditions is now available. We’ve added a 12 Day Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Expedition to take in more of that park and explore areas we don’t ride into on the shorter rides. Check out all the expeditions and dates and see which one fits your schedule. Contact us or give us a call and we’ll help you out with a decision.

Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure

Horse Riding Mongolia, Khentii Mountains, Stone Horse Expeditions
Starting the return journey upon completion of the conservation work

Our Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure trip this year was a great success and we’ll have a short Stone Horse YouTube video out about it shortly. Watch for that. In the meantime, think about joining us for our next one in July/August 2016. This year’s guests loved it and did a great job in helping the park with conservation work while on a fantastic riding holiday. Check the link above for dates and prices.

The Gobi Desert – Winter Tour

The Gobi Desert is a truly amazing landscape, with the desert people there known for their energy, hospitality and humor. Trips to the Gobi Desert go all year round. Traveling with local guides and drivers and staying with local herders, you will get a genuine experience well off the beaten path. Contact us about a Gobi trip and we can help customize dates for you.

bactrian camel, Gobi desert, Mongolia, winter destination, experiential travel
Camel riding in the Gobi

Train to Ger

Many people come through Mongolia with the Trans Siberian Railway and stop over for 4 or 5 days to get a taste of the country. We designed the “Train to Ger” trip for people who asked for a short stay, but a “real” experience of life here. We get you out to stay in a ger (yurt) with Yadmaa and Davasuren, our resident herders who take care of our herd of horses. This is a real herder family ger stay and not a commercial camp. It gives travelers a chance to meet some very nice Mongolians and see what life is like for herders today, where they can do a short horse ride and take part in daily herder activities. It’s become a very popular trip with train traveler

Princess Tourist Ger Camp in Mongolia
Train to Ger short stay in Mongolia

Our “End of Season Special Offer”!!!

For one day only, on Wednesday the 23rd of December, we will discount 10% off any 2016 horse riding trip booked with us on that date. This will save you hundreds of dollars on a trip. This is a one day offer only for the 23rd of December. Book a trip on that date, and you get the 10% discount.

(This offer cannot be combined with other couple or group discount offers)

Stone Horse Weekly Updates on FaceBook

We update the Stone Horse Facebook page regularly if you want to see what we’re up to on a weekly basis. We post about our latest trip, upcoming trips, our guests, staff and what our horses get up to as well. Check it out and please leave a comment on anything you see or interests you. We’re happy to respond.

Why Ride with Us…Stone Horse in Mongolia?

Why ride with us in Mongolia? We may be a little more in price than other outfits, but, you get what you pay for. We strive to provide a high standard of operation to give you the best experience for your efforts. We guarantee that, and our former guests back this up. Here are 8 Good Reasons to Choose Stone Horse for a great horse riding adventure.

Stone Horse rides are a great experience in Mongolia
Stone Horse rides are a great experience in Mongolia

Thank You

Thanks to all our horse riding, gobi trip and ger stay guests for this past year. We hope that we’ve been able to give you a unique adventure experience and you’ve learned a little about Mongolia, it’s people and environment and something about yourselves. For after all, we travel really, to find out who we are.
Have a great Holiday Season and New Year, no matter where you are or how you celebrate.
Oh yeah, and for those who know Stinky, he says hi.

The Stone Horse Team
Keith, Sabine, Ganaa, Davaa, Byamba, Bagii, Nyamaa, Yadmaa, Davasuren, Otgo, Duya, Stinky, Khuder and the rest of the 4 legged boys.


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Stinky in his favorite medium…water

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