Gobi Desert Winter Tour in Mongolia

Gobi – the name evokes images of vast expanses of sand dunes, red colored sediments rich in dinosaur fossils, camel riders and heat reflections above the desert landscape. The Gobi Desert Winter Tour in Mongolia is also a great winter destination for experiential travel, offering stunning landscapes and natural beauty, and unique opportunities to learn about an intriguing culture and the nomadic way of life practiced here for millennia.

Gobi desert, camel riding, adventure travel
Camels in Mongolia are curious animals and want to know all about you.

Our Gobi Desert Winter Tour in Mongolia is for adventure travelers. While the Gobi is warmer than the Northern stretches of Mongolia, this is still the coldest desert on earth, and temperatures in the middle of winter are below freezing, and occasionally drop well below that.

Open Spaces, Clear Skies and Warm Hospitality

This tour is designed to take you deep into the desert, to a remote camp, form where you explore different landscapes of the Gobi. You discover ancient rock art, take a camel ride with a herder family, and visit a mountain temple. See the famous “Flaming Cliffs” and climb desert sand dunes. With our local guide and driver, you will feel at home, meeting the people of the Gobi.

sand dune, Gobi desert, Mongolia
See the surrounding Gobi desert from the top of a sand dune..

 Itinerary – 8 Day Gobi Desert Winter Tour

Day One – Arrive at Chinggis Khaan International Airport – Transfer to Hotel
If you arrive early in the day, City Tour. Orientation meeting with Stone Horse Expeditions.

Day Two – Travel from Ulaanbaatar City to the Gobi.
Get an early start from the city and travel south. After several hours travel across the great Mongolian steppes, stop for a walk in the picturesque setting of Baga Gazariin Chuluu – an intriguing landscape of granite formations. Continue through steppe and desert steppe to reach the South Gobi provincial center Dalanzadgad. Overnight in hotel.

Day Three – Visit the Vulture Gorge and Mountain Temple
Travel westwards and enter Gobi Girvan Saikhan National Park – The “Three Beauties of the Gobi” named after the three mountain ranges, mostly snow clad in winter. Hike into the Vulture Gorge, a narrow ice filled canyon. Continue on to Bulgan district, climb to a small temple, meditation retreat and statue erected by the local community. Enjoy sweeping views of the desert plains below. Overnight in local guesthouse.

Day Four – Climb Sand Dunes and See the Flaming Cliffs
Travel northwards to reach Moltsog Els – sand dune formations that offer great photography and invite to climb and hike. In the afternoon, drive to the famous “Flaming Cliffs” and see their colorful rock formations in the light of the setting sun. This site is an important paleontological site, first made known internationally through the expeditions of Roy Chapman Andrews with the American Museum of Natural History. Overnight in local guesthouse.

Day Five – Travel through the Western Beauty Mountains into remote Desert Country
Today you will traverse the mountains and reach the remote desert plains that extend all the way to the border with China. Visit a local artist and explore the desert landscapes – red canyons, rock formations, ice falls, and find ancient rock art. Overnight in a Mongolian ger.

Day Six – Visit with a Camel Herder Family – Camel Ride
Spend the day visiting a camel herder family – learn about their daily life, and ride a camel. Enjoy the desert landscapes and solitude. Travel back to Dalanzadgad. Overnight in hotel.

Day Seven – Return to Ulaanbaatar City
Get an early start and drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Check in hotel. Shopping and dinner in the city.

Day Eight – Transfer to Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

bactrian camel, Gobi desert, Mongolia, winter destination, experiential travel
Domestic camels are large animals to ride, giving the rider a great view of the desert landscape. The herder/guide will take care of the novice camel rider.

Price per person $ 2080.00

Includes airport transfers, first and last nights hotel accommodation in the city with breakfast, all transport, accommodation, meals and entrance fees in the Gobi.

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