Horse Trekking Experiences in Mongolia

“Truly memorable experience! – We both had a great time! That we both enjoyed ourselves is notable since one of us was a complete novice (rode more on the first day than ever had before) while the other of us is an experienced rider. Sabine and Keith do a great job of matching horses with riders and allowing riders to ride at their own comfort level.…If you’re looking for an active vacation in a beautiful place that is a bit off the beaten path (and Eco-friendly) we highly recommend this trip.”      Jim and Shari Shapleigh, Ithaca, New York, USA

Horse Trekking Experiences in Mongolia – Adventure and Quality Expeditions

At Stone Horse, we take pride in preparing and leading top quality wilderness expeditions. We have spent most of our professional lives working in remote areas, where logistics and field skills were crucial – whether overwintering and exploring in Antarctica or working in hot desert environments. Add to this a love of horses, and it is a logical step to “Riding Adventures in Mongolia.” Our horse treks are in epic scenery that reflects the intriguing history of the cultures that have shaped these landscapes over millennia. These horseback riding tours are invigorating, sometimes perhaps a bit challenging, and always rewarding. Guests return home with fond memories of an “adventure of a lifetime” as some have called their horse riding trek in Mongolia. For us, it’s great to know that our guests feel they got good value for their money and spent their precious vacation time well to gain their very own horse trekking experiences in Mongolia.

 Horse Trekking in Mongolia – for very Personal Experiences and Memories

Horse Riding Vacation Mongolia, Khentii Wilderness Horse Trek, Horseback Riding Holiday Mongolia
Stone Horse Trek in the Upper Tuul Valley, Khentii Mountains

But over time I realized that there is even much more that people go back with, and come for. It is known that spending money on experiences, rather than on things creates more happiness. The subject has been much studied and publicized in recent years. (1) Spending money on vacations creates something very personal. No matter whether you go to the same place and do the same as fellow travelers, it will be your own adventure, and you will take back your very personal memories, your own knowing what it meant for you.

Horse trekking in Mongolia takes you far away – into a great landscape, away from phones and internet, and from your job. It takes a bit to unwind, but sooner or later you learn to relax, to just be with your horse and take in the scenery. It’s very therapeutic. Forget about anything else for now, and find yourself again. Our guests, of different ages, comment on that. A young rider found her Mongolia visit a great opportunity to reflect on what she wanted to do with her life; others were satisfied after making a long held dream come true, or happy about a new gained confidence after taking up a self-imposed challenge. And others again, who came straight from a corporate environment to their horse trekking vacation, begin to realize the freedom, and feel a somewhat mischievous joy that they are out of touch, and no office can reach them. It’s really good to get back to that, probably it’s just another, quite effective way, to be in the present and practice mindfulness.

Horse Trekking in Mongolia – for Wilderness Experience and Preservation

Mongolia Horse Riding Tour, Riding Vacation, Horesback Tour, Khentii Mountains, Gorkhi Terelj
Crossing an arm of the Tuul River on the way into the deep wilderness of the Khentiii Mountains

For us it is rewarding to see that change in people when after some days they really leave behind their job, and begin to tune into nature and to see the beauty around them.

Our work has always been driven by the passion for wilderness, its preservation and restoration,
And with Stone Horse, we continue this commitment, by taking people into parks and wilderness, for them to see and experience for themselves. We also take and share images of the beauty and grandeur of nature, as a tool to educate and raise awareness. Many conversations with guests on our horse treks is about environmental topics, climate change and about wilderness, what it means and how it can be preserved and restored. Quite a few people riding with us are looking for ways to make a difference, with their work, or by changing their work and lifestyle. Experiencing wilderness stimulates the discussion and inspires to become active.

Horse trekking and Home Stay in Mongolia – Responsible Travel and  Support to Ecological Restoration

On our horse trekking tours in Mongolia, we practice a high standard of environmental conduct of wilderness travel; we are also in close touch with the park authorities to discuss how we can further contribute to preservation; horse treks with the special objective to clean-up trails and campsites have been discussed, and we are now offering the new “Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure, a special purpose tour to directly work for park and wilderness protection.

In our staging area, we have been engaged, with the local government and community, in land rehabilitation, environmental education and developing a management plan for the local resources. Creek restoration and watershed protection activities are ongoing. As guests of the Herder Home Stay you can see land under restoration and give a hand if your visit coincides with ongoing activities.

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Gorkhi Terelj National Park Horseback Expedition – 10 Days

Gorkhi Terelj National Park Autumn Horse Trek – 8 days

Khentii Mountains Wilderness Ride – 14 Days

Wilderness Conservation Adventure – 14 Days


(1) Read more about spending money for experiences and more happiness: