Responsible Travel with a Conservation Holiday

Mongolia Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Stone Horse Expeditions in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia are offering a Conservation Holiday to adventure travelers who want to do more for the environment than just look at it and who are interested in responsible travel. Their Mongolia Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure in early August 2015 takes you into the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area (SPA) deep in the Khentii Mountain wilderness of Mongolia. There are only 6 places open for this superb wilderness experience at real responsible travel.

Cooperation for Wilderness Conservation

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Riders and pack horses at the edge of Hagiin Har Nuur (Black Lake), where the conservation work will take place.

Stone Horse, in cooperation with the Khan Khentii SPA authorities and wilderness rangers, will focus on Hagiin Har Nuur (Black Lake), a beautiful, remote wilderness lake that has unfortunately seen recent environmental degradation. Stone Horse and guests will travel by horse back for 4 days to reach the lake, meeting the rangers there. The group will spend 2 days at the lake, creating and undertaking a clean-up plan and constructing simple wilderness toilets, which they will bring in by pack horse. Working side by side with park staff and rangers, the group will plan out how best to collect old rubbish that is harmful to wildlife and remove by pack horse. After two days of work at the lake, the group will depart via another scenic route, taking 4 days to return to their staging area. Accommodation en route will be in tented camps each night and at the lake. Stone Horse will provide all necessary camping equipment.

Volunteering and Responsible Travel

Volunteer guests will help with the planning, packing and camp chores along the way with each days travel. At the Hagiin Har Nuur (Black Lake) area, everyone, along with the park staff and rangers will plan out the work to be done, creating a clean-up plan and policy, place signage at key points, and construct simple wood structures. Volunteer guests will be instrumental in the efforts to make Hagiin Har Nuur an improved site for wilderness travelers.

Conservation Holidays and Responsible Travel

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Pack horses will be used to bring in supplies and bring out rubbish from this Wilderness Conservation Holiday Adventure.

Conservation holidays and responsible travel are increasing in popularity with adventure travelers who don’t just want to be tourists, but actively want to be involved in trips that work to improve the environment, protect wildlife and give travelers an opportunity to give back to and interact with local communities and park personnel in a deep and meaningful way. A conservation holiday is responsible travel at its best.

An opportunity to make a difference

To learn more about this once a year opportunity to see if you’ve got what it takes to make a difference while on holiday, contact Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel at [email protected] or call +(976) 9592 1167. Skype: fishandnotch