Adventure Horseback Riding in Mongolia

Adventure Horseback Riding in MongoliaAdventure Horseback Riding in Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditions

At Stone Horse Expeditions, we specialize in adventure horseback riding in Mongolia. This is remote horseback travel – without vehicle support. Our whole team makes great efforts to provide safe and comfortable wilderness riding while keeping the sense of adventure alive. Year-long work with and care for our treasured herd of Mongolian horses is an important part of these efforts.

Matching horse and rider, providing high quality expedition, camping and riding equipment, and preparing a varied and nutritious menu are other aspects that we address with much attention to detail and individual needs. With Stone Horse, you ride in a small group – maximum 6 guests – for a high quality, low impact eco-tourism experience.

Selected Articles about Horseback Riding in Mongolia with Stone Horse

Our blog posts provide more detail on how we travel on horseback, on ecologically sound practices, on the areas we ride in, and how you can prepare for your riding adventure. The selected articles below might be a good start to see what makes our expeditions stand out:

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Selected Videos of Stone Horse Expeditions:

Welcome to Stone Horse Expeditions!
Khan Khentii Expedition September 2014
Khan Khentii Expedition August 2013
Highlights of 2014 Riding Season
Autumn Riding in Mongolia with Stone Horse

Personal Experiences of Adventure Horseback Riding with Stone Horse Expeditions in Mongolia

Probably the best way to learn about adventure horseback riding with Stone Horse Expeditions is from the personal experiences of fellow travelers.  Tripadvisor is the best source. There you will find the testimonials of many of our guests who found their ride with Stone Horse “excellent”. For our service that was rated “excellent” consistently by our riding guests, we have received the Tripadvisor “Certificate of Excellence” for 6 consecutive years from 2013 to 2018.

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