Trans-Siberian Railway Tour Highlight

“Train to Ger” – Herder Family Ger Stay and Horse Riding for an Authentic Experience in Mongolia

Mongolian Herder Family Home Stay - Stopover for Trans-Siberian RailwayWe’ve had so many requests from travelers coming through Mongolia with the Trans-Siberian Railway asking for a short horse riding and real life experience, that we decided to create the “Train to Ger” short stay just for that purpose. This is a trip designed for people who have just 3 or 4 days to spend in the country and want to get a real non-commercial experience with local people. Yadmaa and Davasuren, the herders that Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel work with provide just that. You can’t get any more real than a visit with them in the Darkhid Valley, our staging areas for the 10 and 14 day horseback riding expeditions we do in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the Khentii Mountains. Check out the Train to Ger experience here.


Photo Story – Herder family ger stay

Or, better yet, see what Bettina and Dave, a couple from New Zealand traveling around the world, have to say about their time with Yadmaa and Davasuren at the ger stay on their short train stopover in Mongolia. Their great photos tell an amazing story along with their descriptive comments.

Check at richly illustrated their story about their stay in the Darkhid Valley at their blog Wayfinding – Around the World in Eighty Days.

You’ll have to agree these are great photo’s. Share them around so others can see life in Mongolia as it is really lived in the countryside.

Mongolian herder children grow up herding livestock. Stay with a herder family on your stopover from the the Trans-Siberian Railway