Out of touch in Mongolia

What does it mean to be off line, no mobile phone, no WiFi, no internet…out of touch? Completely out of touch? Out of touch in Mongolia? Yikes!

To some…many actually, the above sounds too scary to contemplate. What a horrible thought, not being able to phone, message or instagram what you’re doing to your friends and family every minute of the day. Not having  tweeted or posted what you’re doing today, this very instant, leaves many with a sense of isolation and being “out of touch” with the rest of the world, their world. Thank God for social media, what a splendid monster.

As a form of communicating we do with our former and potential future guests, we value social media for the worldwide reach it gives us from here in Mongolia. We can instantly let our audience know what our horses are up to today, what our latest horse riding adventure was and what our plans are from this moment on. We can post beautiful photos of the areas we ride through and the people we ride with. It’s hard not to post beautiful photo’s because the areas we ride through are very scenic and always changing. So, this posting of photo’s and messages is a good thing for a small boutique tourism business in the far reaches of East Asia. But, we can only do this when we’re connected…online.

Benefits of being “out of touch in Mongolia”

For all its benefits, this is not what we really want to be doing every day, and I’m sure most anyone reading this would agree. What we want to be doing is tending to and riding our horses out in those beautiful places that we’ve shown so many of our guests. People who continue to ride with us each year, returning to spend time “out of touch in Mongolia” from the rest of the world, their friends, family, work colleagues and “online” friends. They travel with us to “reboot” so to speak, clear out useless files. You know, clean up that desktop that’s cluttering your screen. Your screen of life. That’s what we do with our horse riding expeditions in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the Khan Khentii SPA mountain wilderness of Mongolia. We get “out of touch” and we stay out of touch for a number of days with just that purpose in mind. For, where we travel with our horse riding expeditions, there is no phone, internet, wifi, no digital connection. A clean screen.

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Sweeping views of spectacular landscapes greet us all along the way on our horse riding trips in Mongolia

You’re out of touch in Mongolia

So, when someone says to me “you’re out of touch”, I kind of have to take that as a complement. It’s what we like to help people do, get “out of touch” with the modern, busy, hectic life of the digital world we now live in and get “back in touch” with pure, pristine, wild nature…the natural world we all come from. When I’m out of touch with my mobile phone, my “smart phone”, I’m definitely in touch with the earth and the natural world we travel through on the riding expeditions we do. I’m in touch with the spirit and soul of my horse, my four legged friend and companion who has carried me 1000’s of kilometers over the years and together explored some of the most remote areas Mongolia has to offer. We were “out of touch” in Mongolia for weeks at a time seeking new colorful vistas, new rivers and mountains to cross and new valley’s to wonder at. When you’ve never seen these places before, they’re all new the first time you cast your eyes on them. The landscape we explore now is all new to every one of our guests that join on our wilderness trips and far from the bustling crowds of life elsewhere. We’re out of touch in Mongolia, yet so very connected to the world we live in.

Plug into Earth

I know that when many people go on holiday, they want to be able to tweet and instagram what they’re doing to their friends and family. It’s fun, and it’s what we do now as humans. But on our wilderness horse riding expeditions, what we do is become connected again to ourselves, our own thoughts as we ride along, camp each night in a scenic place and contemplate the quiet of nature. We’re here in the moment with our guests, our horses, ourselves, and the outside world is far, far away.

Of course we carry emergency equipment and a satellite phone should we need it, but all communication gadgets are, for the most part useless. It’s an experience everyone should try on a regular basis, being out of touch, but yet so in touch with what’s right there in front of you.

Out of touch in Mongolia, Horseback riding in Mongolia, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park with Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel
Horseback riding in Mongolia is a great way to connect with nature and experience this unique country. Out of touch in Mongolia.

An Experience – not just a holiday

Our horse riding expeditions are not just a holiday, they are an experience. A moment of your life that you will take with you forever. That adventure horse ride where we’re “out of touch” and so close to the amazingly beautiful natural world around us.

If you want to truly get out of touch, join us on a Stone Horse Expedition this year. Contact us to find out what’s available. We keep the participants of each trip to 6 to 8 people to make it a more intimate experience for everyone. When we say small groups, we mean small groups. And, we’re out of touch.

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