Mongolia Partner Country To ITB Berlin

The biggest international tourism fair in the world is the ITB Berlin in March 2015, drawing thousands of people and hundreds of businesses from around the globe exhibiting their tourism destinations. Mongolia, partner country to ITB Berlin, will have special status and placement to highlight Mongolia as a unique tourism destination at the Berlin venue. The Tourism Future NGO, headed up by Indra Bold, is spearheading Mongolia’s activities both here in Mongolia and in Berlin. Indra has been instrumental in focusing Mongolia’s tourism industry on putting its best efforts forward with events to raise funding and developing interesting activities to undertake for the public during the 5 day tourism fair. With Mongolia partner country to ITB Berlin, the country ‘s profile will definitely get a boost to its tourism potential.

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Mongolia horse riding is one of the highlights of what’s on offer when traveling in this country.

Mongolia Horse Riding

Mongolia horse riding is one of the uniquely cultural tours on offer when visiting the country. Horse trekking in Mongolia, if done with a reputable company that has well established safety mechanisms in place, and well trained and experienced staff can offer the visitor a true eco-toursim adventure travel experience. Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel is one such company that can take you by horseback through some of the most spectacular cultural and wilderness landscapes Mongolia has to offer.

Mongolia still a land of Mystery

Mongolia is still a land of mystery and there is still yet may unexplored destinations for the adventurous visitor who wants to see a country that is full of wonderful surprises around every bend. It is certainly off the beaten path and well worth the effort in making it there before it’s too late. Mongolia, partner country to ITB Berlin may change all that.

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