Mongolian Horses in Winter

Mongolia Horseback Riding in Winter

Mongolian horse riding in the winter months is somewhat different than the usual rides Stone Horse does during the warmer months from April through November. Mongolian winters are bitter with temperatures dropping as low as -45c and on rare occasions down to -50c.  Although there is daily horseback work to do and the occasional day trip with a few hardy visitors, our back country rides don’t take place in the deep snow and low temperatures of winter where we operate. So, the horses have most of the time off to reserve their energy and get a good long rest for the next season. Below are a few photo’s of what the horses are up to now in early winter.

Mongolian horses in winter, mongolian horse riding in winter
Mongolian horses put on an extraordinary winter coat making them look very wooly. This keeps them warm, enabling them to endure the long harsh months from December through April. A very tough yet easy to work with breed of horse and well suited to conditions here in Mongolia.


Mongolian horses, Mongolian horse riding in winter
Our Mongolian horses out in their winter grazing pasture grounds where its protected somewhat from heavy snow storms. As winter progresses there will be more snow, making it deeper and more difficult to get to the grasses and herbs below. At this point, it’s only around -25c, but it will get colder.


Mongolia winter horses in Mongolia
Mongolian horses are well adapted to cold winter conditions and know how to get through snow for the grass below. When it gets deeper, their sharp, strong hooves dig through snow and ice to get what they need. They have also adapted to use snow for water intake on a daily basis. Everything is frozen for months at a time and using snow for water is essential when other water sources are not readily available.


Winter horses in Mongolia, horses in Mongolia
Our Mongolian horse herd is protected in these valleys from the bitter cold winds of winter. Out on the steppes the winter winds are never ending and without a tree in sight, there is no place to hide from bad weather. Although Mongolian horses are extremely tough and well adapted to life on the steppe, wintering in the mountainous areas of the Darkhid Valleys as our horses do, affords them some better protection. However, wolves are an ever present concern. There’s always a trade off here in Mongolia. Nothing is easy.


Mongolia winter horses, Mongolian horse riding in winter.
Snow on the backs of these horses is a good indication of just how insulating their winter coats are. Mongolian horse grow an incredibly thick and tight coat, with the undercoat short and almost felt like and the outer coat a bit longer. Because of this, they can withstand amazingly cold temperatures. Our horses have never spent a night in a barn. Truly amazing animals.


Mongolia horse riding,
Horse riding in Mongolia. Yadmaa, the herder we work with in his winter deel (traditional overcoat) and out checking on the herd. He watches over the herd on the days other Stone Horse staff cannot be out there. He knows horses well and has traveled all over Mongolia on horseback in his lifetime.
Mongolian horses, winter in Mongolia
Our horses get hay and oats twice a day to help keep them warm and fit in the -30c and lower temperatures we get out in the Darkhid Valleys. They spend the days out grazing and come in for a feed at night. We want to keep them healthy for the winter and ready for the Spring riding.


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