Horse Riding Mongolia 2012 Season

2012 Season Wildflowers in Mongolia
Just one of the hundreds of wildflowers that can be seen throughout the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park in July and August

Stone Horse Mongolia dubbed 2012 the Wildflower Season.

Every horse riding summer in Mongolia is different. Well, in 2012 the riders were enchanted by the plethora of wildflowers.  The 2012 summer had good rainfall, something that Mongolian nomadic herders were waiting for after several dry years. The rains replenished the water supplies. The Terelj River had high water, and we adjusted our expedition routes accordingly to make safe river crossings. Thanks to all that rain, we saw a great variety of wildflowers.

Enjoy watching our videos from the Wildflower Season and imagine yourself here in Mongolia!

You can also view this on YouTube here: 2012 Season