2023 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions

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2023 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours


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2023 Mongolia Travel on Horseback

2023 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions offer our classic treks in Gorkhi Terelj National park and the horseback explorations of the Khentii Wilderness. As in 2022, our horse trek season in Mongolia will extend into late October. In September, when autumn colors are most vibrant, the days are typically glorious for riding and large herds of horses roam free in the park as nomadic herders begin winter preparations,  we offer a new ride, the “Autumn Colors in the Khentii”.

Stone Horse Expeditions 2023

Stone Horse Expeditions in 2023 include six 10 Day tours in Gorkhi Terelj National Park in June, July, late August and October, two 12 Day tours in Gorkhi Terelj National Park in September, and one 14 Day Wilderness Conservation Adventure Expedition into the Khentii Mountains.

We recommend to plan your 2023 travel to Mongolia early! While Mongolia has a new airport with larger capacity, flights are still limited while interest in adventure travels in Mongolia is growing.

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Gorkhi Terelj National Park Horseback Expeditions

10 Day Summer Horse Riding Expeditions (June, July, August) 

15 – 24 June, 2023 – 7 places open

1 – 10 July, 2023, with Naadam Special –  fully booked

16 – 25 July, 2023 – fully booked

19 – 28 August, 2023 –  7 places open

2023 Mongolia Horse Riding Tours














12 Day Rides “Autumn Colors of the Khentii” (September)

September is too good a time to not spend all month riding in Gorkhi Terelj Park. Its the best time for autumn colors, from the yellow/golden of the predominant larch forest to red and brown hues of the grasslands and brush in the valleys. Our horses love the time it too. Insects are gone, and many herds of horses, and other livestock, roam free in the park.There is more human activity in the park now as nomadic herders are preparing for winter at their winter camp sites. The sun is still warm most days, and in recent years it can get even hot still. Nights can be around or below freezing, and we prepare for that with heated group tents, double/triple layer sleeping bags, and hot water bottles.

Autumn Colors in the Khentii

To experience this great time in the park to its fullest, we are introducing the “Autumn Colors in the Khentii” Riding Tour. We spend 10 days riding, with less moving than on summer rides, but setting up tented base camps from where we explore the Autumn Colors of the Khentii on day rides. The dates are:

September 3 – 14

September 19 – 30

10 Day Late Autumn Horse Riding Expeditions (October)

Golden October Rides

Since 2022 we have extended our riding season into late October, and now we offer two “Golden October Rides”; these are 10 day tours with 8 days of riding when the landscape hues are deep yellows as the Siberian larch turn before dropping their leaves to make the forest floors a carpet of gold.

The “Golden October Rides” can meet with colder weather and snow; therefore we arrange for warmer accommodations in heated gers for some nights, and meal times are enjoyed in an insulated, heated shelter, the ingenious Shiftpod, that we have tested also on Gobi winter trips.

06 – 15 October, 2022 – 8 places open

21 – 30 October, 2021 – 8 places open



Khentii Mountains Wilderness Expeditions

14 Day Wilderness Conservation Adventure

Our award winning Wilderness Conservation Adventure, is a horseback expedition that travels through Gorkhi Terelj National Park and into the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Not just a ride, but an expedition with a special purpose, when we partner with park authorities, researchers or conservation initiatives to actively contribute to wilderness conservation.

31 July – 13 August, 2021 – 8 places open



Short Treks and One Day Trail Rides

Short treks (two days/one night, three days/two nights, four days/three nights) are not in our schedule, but if agreed early we may be able to run a short trek in the first half of June or between scheduled tours. Contact us to discuss your time-frame and number of people in your group.

The season for day rides starts in March/April IF weather and snow conditions permit. We need at least several days advance notice, as our herd is roaming free and for your safety and comfort we prepare well for morning coffee and picnic lunches and our guides will travel to the staging area. Our day rides include pick-up and drop-off at your residence in Ulaanbaatar city. We make exceptions, but generally, a minimum of two guests is required for day rides.

Day rides are a great way to get away from the office and city for a day. They take you to the upper Terelj Valley of Gorkhi Terelj National Park or into  areas of the Green Zone of Ulaanbaatar city, some of which are surprisingly wild and pristine, and habitat of diverse wildlife including wolves, bear, red deer, roe deer and more.



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