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Mongolia is well known for its great horse riding opportunities. Mongolia horse riding is what Stone Horse Expeditions is based around. Below in the short photo blog you’ll see a few photo’s of what we do, where we do it and people who have joined us. Photo’s of Mongolia horse riding are great, but you really have to “experience” this to understand the beauty and simplicity of seeing a country by horseback. No phones, no internet, wifi, or whatever, out where we ride. Just the sounds of nature. Something less and less people are listening to these days. Mongolia horse riding is the experience. And that’s what we want you, our guests, to take away from a trip with us. An experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. An experience of Mongolia horse riding that very few people will actually have and you’ll be able to talk about with some authority. Mongolia is changing fast. Come to Mongolia now for the experience. You won’t regret it.

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Heading into the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and wilderness with a group of riders in Mongolia. Valleys full of flowers, grasses and herbs, many of which are medicinal during the summer season


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Everything carried by horseback. Our pack horses are the backbone of our expeditions and greatly honored members of our staff. Each one a real character.


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Crossing a high pass in the Khentii Mountains of Mongolia. The terrain is always fascinating and always changing.


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Our trips pass by mystic lakes deep in the wilderness of the Khentii Mountains of Mongolia. There are numerous lakes all along our deep wilderness trips.


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Our campsites are chosen for their beauty, access to water and grass for the horses.


Horse Trek camping in Mongolia, Horseback riding in the Khentii mountains of Mongolia
During the early September Khentii Wilderness Expedition 2014. Dining outside while the tent with wood stove is ready for use once the evening temperature drops.


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Crossing one of the many clear streams in the Khentii Mountains. Sarah Crawley on the 2014 August Khentii Expedition with Stone Horse.
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It’s not all horse riding. We do have time around the fire and for hiking in the surrounding areas we camp in each day.


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Our guests are from all over the world, and from all walks of life, Singapore, USA, France, Australia, Hong Kong, U.K., Korea, Germany, Switzerland to name a few. The rider above is Jennifer Lake, a lawyer from Canada and a very competent rider.

The Stone Horse Saddles

Mongolian saddles are interesting to look at, but they take some skill with riding to get used to them and if you haven’t grown up using a Mongolia saddle it can be difficult to overcome. Stone Horse makes our own saddles to use on our trips that are sturdy and well tested for our rides in the back country as well as comfortable for both the horse and rider, an important aspect as we spend long days in them. They are also attractively designed and pleasing to look at.

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More and more of the saddles in use on Stone Horse Expeditions are from our own Saddlery “Stone Horse Saddles”. They are sturdy and designed to last a long time and easily repairable in the field, as well as comfortable for both horse and rider and important aspect.

A word about food for our Mongolia Horse Riding

We take great pains to source and provide fresh and nutritious meals for our guests. We like to say “sourced locally, seasoned internationally”. We believe it is highly important to have the sustenance necessary for riding all day long for days at a time. Our meals include fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, cheeses, soups and wines, along with fresh ground coffees and a variety of teas. Our guests deserve the best we can offer.

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Muesli, yogurt, fruit, bread, jam, fresh ground coffee, a variety of teas, scrambled eggs and pancakes are the usual fare. Local berries later in the season make for an extra treat.


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Fresh baked rolls and bread made during each trip ensure we have a good supply for dinner, breakfast and lunch.


Mongolia Horse Riding – Stone Horse Staff

No company can do the type of horse work and back country wilderness travel we do safely and efficiently without well trained and experienced staff. Below are some of our field people who know their tasks well and have years of experience working with horses and our guests from all over the world. They’re all friendly and open folks with a BIG sense of humor to go along with their work. You’ll like them.


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Our staff are highly skilled and experienced with horse riding skills and back country travel. Here Byamba, a Stone Horse “horseman” of many years.


Horseback Riding Adventures Mongolia, Wrangler with Stone Horse Equine Ecotourism Adventures, Mongolia
Bayara, another horseman who works with Stone Horse from Uvs Province in the west of the country.
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Buyana, another original horseman with Stone Horse from Hovd Province in the west. Knows the job very well.


Stone Horse Riding in Mongolia Staff Member Nyamaa
Nyama has been with Stone Horse for 6 years and helps with food logistics and preparation. A very important role.


Mongolia Horse Riding – Your Hosts

Growing up with horses, traveling around the world and into some of the earths most remote places, like Antarctica, has given your hosts the knowledge and experience to design and undertake trips with guests into the back country and wilderness areas of Mongolia. It’s a lifelong passion for wilderness and conservation and the wild places of this earth that is the driving force behind Stone Horse Expeditions.


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Sabine Schmidt, co-owner/operator of Stone Horse Expeditions. Well experienced and skilled in wilderness horse travel. Makes the stone horse saddles used for our horse treks.


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Keith Swenson (the one in the hat), co-owner Stone Horse, with Little Big Man, one of his favorite horses.
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And of course Stinky. Can’t forget him.  He keeps everything moving and is a chief source of conversation during Stone Horse trips.
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The country we ride through on these trips is outstanding and some of the best free and open horse riding on the planet. No fences to obstruct travel. It’s a ride and country you must experience before it’s too late.

Mongolia Horse Riding – Don’t wait for freedom – Come here today and experience it.

Mongolia horse riding offers the best unobstructed horse riding on the planet today. We ride for days and weeks without seeing a fence. It is the last country.

Call or write us to find out how you can get here this year and join one of our horse trips.




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