Autumn 2014 Newsletter Horseback Riding Adventures

A Good Old Dog

Season Wrap up, Discount Offers, New Schedule for 2015 and a Good Old Dog

Season Wrap Up

We’ve just finished our 2014 horse riding expeditions for the season and now preparing for the long cold winter ahead. Two thousand bales of hay and about 7 tons of oats are being put up as winter feed for the boys…our horses. They’ve worked hard since May and now look forward to reaping the rewards for their efforts…the next six months on holiday.

Stinky and Henbee, the dogs that accompanied us on our trips are now back at home and Stinky at least will be watching the horses along with Yadmaa for the winter.

Thanks to all our guests

Baruunbayangol Valley, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia
Steve Potter on Khukh Boral, riding down the Baruunbayangol Valley in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Thanks to our guests for participating in our Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Khentii Mountains Expeditions. We had many good times. Your feedback on our trips is invaluable to us in helping to improve what we can offer in the future. Some of you have traveled with us a couple of times and we hope to see more of you back here next year.

End of Season Special and other discounts

Over the next two months we’ll be offering a 5% discount to new guests who purchase a 2015 horseback riding trip with us before December 31st of this year. Contact us via email, phone or Skype for details.

Return Guests

Anyone returning to take part in another horseback riding expedition with us gets an automatic 10% discount off the current price. No time limit on that, so think about it. If you liked the horse riding in Mongolia, come join us again, we’d love to have you back. And tell your friends about us.

Referrals from former Stone Horse guests

This is for anyone who contacts us to join a horseback riding trip and was referred to us by a former Stone Horse guest. Let us know who told you about us and when they came with us and we’ll give you an automatic 5% discount off the price of a trip. So, if you’ve heard about Stone Horse and the trips we do, don’t hesitate, join us in 2015.

2015 Expedition Schedule for Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Khentii Mountains Expeditions

We’ve now put out our 2015 Horseback Riding Expedition schedule here. We have eight different trips lined up beginning in mid June and running through mid October from the wildflowers of summer to the brilliant colors of autumn. We’ve got a trip for you.

Henbee – a good old dog

Henbee a good old dog
Henbee in the snow, on the last trip he did with us in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, September.

Now the sad part of this newsletter. Henbee, one of the big black dogs that had accompanied us on so many of our trips was attacked recently by five other dogs and died of his wounds. He was Yadmaa’s dog, but acted as if he owned us. We knew him a long time and he was a part of our Stone Horse family. Always there, a solid staff member, reliable friend and good guy. Many of you would remember him. We’re heartsick. He was like a rock, a nice rock, and we will all sorely miss him. He’s buried up on a hill above Yadmaa and Davsuren’s house overlooking our valley. For anyone who loves animals, he was the kind you could love. Bayartaa Henbee…goodbye old friend.


Mongolia in 2015

We’re looking forward to next year and 2015 to be a great year for our horseback riding expeditions in the parks and wilderness areas of Mongolia, the places Henbee traveled with us and knew so well. We hope that many of you will join us for one of our horse riding adventures. Or another one if you’ve traveled with us before.

Come to Mongolia, you’ll love it!

All the best from our team at Stone Horse

Keith, Sabine, Ganaa, Dolzoo, Nyama, Byamba, Buyana, Bayara, Davaa, Yadmaa, Davasuren, Stinky and the boys.

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