Moving with the Seasons: A portrait of a Mongolian Family by Liza F. Carter

Moving with the Seasons
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Photographer and author, Liza F. Carter, spent a number of years living and interacting with a Mongolian family of herders. She documented  the changes today’s traditional herders are facing in this rapidly developing country. Her book, Moving with the Seasons, shares her photos,  paintings and writings about this remarkable family.

If you’re thinking of joining a Stone Horse Mongolia  horseback riding expedition or even one of our custom Gobi trips, this is a book you may want to look into before coming. It will give you insight into the daily lives of a rural Mongolian family and the challenges they face, as well as the beauty of the life they lead.

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Author Bio:

Liza F. Carter is a photographer of indigenous cultures and peoples.  Her purpose is to share unknown worlds and provide levels of understanding of other cultures that are more than just sound bites or sensationalism.  She has a BA in earth and environmental science from Wesleyan, and MA in forestry and environmental studies from Yale University.