Hello from Stonehorse in Mongolia. We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you’ll let us share with you the new things we’ll be doing this season.

At Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel we’re pretty excited about the 2013 season trips we’re offering.  We’ll explore new routes in the Khentii Mountains on our horse riding expeditions, and we’ve created an option for short stay travelers passing through with the trans-Siberian railway to experience the real Mongolia. But, we’re most excited about our new Gobi Adventure.

Our former guests, now friends, from previous seasons have asked us to let them know if and when we do trips into the Gobi Desert, that famous and mysterious icon of the Mongolian landscape. So, here it is. We’re really happy and proud to announce that this season we’ll be running one trip a month through the Gobi, where, for the past 15 years we’ve worked and interacted with and know the local people well. A once in a lifetime trip we believe will stay with you forever.

Mongolia Gobi Adventure

Our Newest Expedition!

“I’ve hiked Death Valley and the deserts of Utah and the southwest, but this trip was a blast… the camels, the people, it’s all so interesting”. Scott Thoburn, Bend, Oregon USA

Venture into the Mongolian desert with our 12 Day “Gobi Crossing”        Each trip limited to only 8 places

·         Experience a wealth of great landscapes and meet the people of the desert.

·         Travel by jeep, camel and on foot with local community guides.

·         Learn about the natural and human history of the Gobi.

·         Camp under the stars and stay with nomadic herders.

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On the Gobi Adventure with Stone Horse Expeditions you will experience a surprising diversity of landscapes and learn about the natural and human history of this great desert.

Our Gobi expedition is with experienced local drivers who know desert travel, local routes and the local communities of nomadic herders.

The Gobi tour combines different modes of travel. It is jeep supported, to venture safely into remote desert areas, to travel across vast expanses and to the highlights of activities and sights of the trip.

The Gobi adventure brings you to trailheads for day hikes into the mountains, and for camel treks in the desert. We stop to visit prehistoric sites, wildlife areas, desert landmarks and oasis. 

Overnight stays are in tent camps and with families of Nomadic herders.

We’ll travel to national and local protected areas – two outstanding National Parks, and sites protected by local communities. 

Ikh Bogd National Park is one of the newest parks of Mongolia, and Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park is the largest in the country.

This is an adventure, and the routes and schedule may change slightly due to weather patterns, and after all, the nomadic lifestyle of your desert hosts. And we are always open to explore further, learn more, or perhaps stay a day to see a local camel race or Naadam festival with archery, wrestling and horse racing…

Take a look at our new Gobi Adventure page on our website for more details, scheduled trips, how to prepare for desert travel and more, and contact us to start your trip of a lifetime.

We’ll only be running 4 of these trips this year, so put you’re camel riding boots on and come join us for a great Gobi Adventure!

Contact us at [email protected] for more information



Our Horse Riding Expeditions for our 2013 Season

The country we traveled is beautiful and wide open, reminiscent of the American West before barbed wire… I highly recommend Stone Horse as a great value…”. Dave Clarendon – Outfitter, Wyoming, USA

We renew our horse riding expeditions into the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Khan Khentii mountains wilderness this year and will be exploring  a couple of new routes. We’ll access these areas from new directions that take us straight into wilderness before emerging again in the cultural landscape of the national park. We’re excited to show our guests these areas where we’ll see more remote valleys of wildflowers, cross mountains passes and visit mountain lakes. The Khan Khentii Mountains and the Gorki-Terelj National Park still have secrets to divulge and new places to explore on our horseback riding trips in Mongolia.

10 Day Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Expedition

Due to its popularity, we’ve scheduled more of the 10 Day Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Expeditions taking place this season. Two departure dates in the months of June, July and September, and one departure date for August and October.

These trips fill up fast so book this early!

14 Day Khan Khentii Mountains Expedition

We’ve scheduled one 14 Day Khan Khentii Mountains Expedition for late August, the best time to be out in this remote mountain area. We only take 6 guests on this once a season trip deep into the wilderness of the Khan Khentii, an area of outstanding natural beauty as well as spiritual and historical significance in Mongolia.

This is a real horseback adventure deep into the Wilderness!

Our horse rides are within easy reach of the capital city Ulaanbaatar; yet at the doorstep of great back country. You won’t waste precious time of your holiday in a car or plane to get to your adventure destination and experience Mongolian culture and nature.

Go to our Gorkhi-Terelj NP Expeditions and Khan Khentii Mountains Expedition pages on our website for full details of all our trips and take a look at our travel dates for one that fits your schedule.

Webinar May 8th

Watch for our webinar on May 8th, join us and our guest panelists to learn more about our trips, how to prepare for a horseback riding expedition and travel in Mongolia. Hear from former guests.

8:00 Beijing,          10:00am Sydney,       8:00pm New York



“New” Short Excursion

Train to Ger – the Trans-Siberian Railway Stopover in Mongolia

A short trip holiday to see the “real” Mongolia!

“Yadamaa and Daavasuren are a wonderful family, warm and welcoming (and great at communicating with smiles) and we will always remember our stay fondly. Thank you!!!” Allison Roberts, Ireland

We’ve had so many inquiries from Trans-Siberian train travelers who ask about a short 3 or 4 day excursion to see a bit of the countryside, stay in a ger, ride horses and see the real Mongolia, that we designed a short trip option to accommodate these travelers and introduce them to the country and our horse riding expeditions

This 3 and 4 day short trip is ideal for anyone traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing, to stop for a short time, take a break and experience real Mongolian life, culture and people. 

We will meet visitors at the Ulaanbaatar train station, bring them to a city guest house and then out to the country-side to a family ger stay with Yadmaa and Davasuren-  a real herder family, not a commercial camp. We’ll then get them back into the city guest house the night before departure, where they can take in a short city tour before resuming their trans-Siberian journey. 

Find out more about this new short trip option on our website or drop an email to [email protected].

The long winter is finally beginning to thaw and we’re preparing our horses and equipment for the travel season ahead. It would be great to see some of you back with us on one of our trips…and bring a few friends.


Keith Swenson, Sabine Schmidt and the Stone Horse Team

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


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