A few years ago we had a relative visit and spend time with us at our staging area cabins and around the horses. She was visiting Mongolia and enjoying her holiday away from her work and daily city life in Europe, Germany actually. Since she hadn’t done too much riding, we let her meet Fish, our medicine horse. Fish is our oldest horse, now at the age of 30. He’s sort of retired and we don’t bring him on longer expeditions, although he knows the country like the back of his hoof. That was basically his decision and I accepted that. But amazingly he maintains incredible condition and shape for an old geezer and we still use him on short day trips in the local mountain area around us. Baerbel, my sister-in-law, took to Fish like a…well, like a fish to water. They immediately understood each other and Fish taught her how to ride, like he’s done so many times before with others. It was only a few days, but Baerbel says he changed her and upon returning to Europe made her feel different about things and life, lighter in spirit. That’s what Fish does. He’s like medicine for the soul of work weary folks who needed something to come out of the blue and just show them, teach them to feel light. Light in spirit and heart. Our medicine horse, Fish.

Baerbel with fish, just sort of "being there".
Baerbel with fish the “medicine” horse, just sort of “being there”.

That’s just a little example of what horses can do for your soul, your spirit, your heart, your wellbeing. Anyone who spends time with horses knows they see and perhaps more than anything “feel” who you are. That’s why they’re so good with children and adults who are disabled and they know they can help. If you let them, they are medicine for the spirit and reach right inside to find you.

 “Be here now” – Horses relieve stress and make you focus

Long ago I used to work as a river guide taking people down exciting whitewater rivers in Idaho. It was a great time through the largest wilderness area in the U.S.A. outside of Alaska. One thing I noticed was that it sometimes took people 2, maybe 3 days to relax, stop talking about work and just be present, on the river, in the wilderness, to “be here now”. They carried their work and life stress with them on their holiday until the river and surrounding wilderness slowly soothed it away. But it took 2 or 3 days!

What’s different and interesting about what I do now with our horse riding expeditions in the Gorkhi-Terelj NP and Khan Khentii SPA, is that the horses make our guests focus and focus immediately on them, not on work. The horses help our guests to “be here now” in Mongolia, with their horse, in this beautiful wilderness setting and forget about work and other stressors in life. It’s like medicine. The best medicine you’ll take.

Of course we converse with people about their lives, their work, what they like to do, have done and think. We love to hear everyone’s story. But the horses in their gentle way, constantly remind our guests to “be here now”. It’s all much more relaxed and everyone is here in the moment.

Horses are medicine for the soul. Join us on a trip, be in the moment, “be here now”.